Best Commercial Electric Pressure Cookers; Top 7 of 2021

Nowadays, people have become a little busy, so they hardly have time to cook a decent meal. Some people even skip the meal due to their busy schedules. If you are one of those who have a busy schedule, but you also want homemade food on the table, then a commercial electric pressure cooker will be the go-to kitchen appliance. The best pressure cooker will give you something extra in the kitchen to help you to prepare healthy meals. 

Now the question is, what is the best electric pressure cooker on the market? There are many stainless steel pressure cookers for sale. The only common thing between all of the items on the list is that they have proven safety features built into the product to keep you and your family safe while using it. Consider the injury that may happen with an improperly locked pressure cooker. The industry is rock solid with safeguards in ensuring the safety features are the priority on their mind while manufacturing the process. A wave of electric pressure cookers have flooded the market, and it is such an exciting hybrid that will make it a fantastic product.

Below are the top commercial electric pressure cooker and induction ready pressure cooker reviews, ensuring that you pick a cooker that is safe, stylish, and strong and has the ability to deliver high-quality meals. You can check out this list if you are in search of the best commercial electric pressure cooker. So let’s start;

What is a pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker is a kitchen appliance especially designed for making food quickly. It is a sealed pot with a lockable lid and a valve that controls the pressure inside that pot. When the pot is heated, the liquid present in the pot starts to boil and rise. This raises the temperature inside the pot, reduces cooking times and moist, tender food. 

You can use a pressure cooker to make just about anything from the roast to cheesecake. 

What are my main options?

You have only two options to choose from when buying a pressure cooker;


  • Stovetop pressure cookers 

Traditional pressure cookers are designed to be heated up on the stovetop like a saucepan. The main advantage of having an induction ready pressure cooker is that they make it easy to achieve the optimum heat and desire heat you want for your meal. Stovetop pressure cookers are also able to achieve higher heat and pressure levels than electric models. But they are not as convenient as the commercial electric pressure cookers.

  • Electric pressure cooker

Commercial electric pressure cookers come with their built-in heating mechanism and regulate the pot’s heat pressure. They offer a wide range of cooking options such as simmering, sauteing, browning, and timers to precisely follow your recipes. At the same time, they do not let you the same hand-on control as the stovetop cookers. But they are convenient, safe, and easy to use.

Best Commercial Pressure Cookers of 2021

All American Canner Pressure Cooker
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Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 PressureCheck Price
Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure CookerCheck Price
Cuisinart Cpc-600amzCheck Price
Secura 6-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure CookerCheck Price
Zavor Lux Lcd 8 QuartCheck Price
Gourmia Gpc1000 Smart PotCheck Price

Many commercial pressure cookers available today are also multipurpose such as the most popular is an instant pot, which is programmed to handle slow cooking, steaming, and sauteing in addition to pressure cooking.  So you can make everything from homemade yogurt to perfectly cooked rice with the help of this commercial electric pressure cooker.

If you are a little bit afraid about bringing a pressure cooker at home, then do not be because the commercial pressure cookers are equipped with safety features to make the process easy enough for beginners. Here we compiled a list of the best commercial electric pressure cookers and induction ready pressure cookers with the buying guide, which helps you find the best according to your needs. So without wasting time, let’s start;

1. All American Canner Pressure Cooker


All American canner is a stainless steel pressure cooker made in the USA that has been working for years and is one of the most respected brands on this list. It is the highest-priced item in our list and the first canner-compatible pressure cooker too. American canner is one of the large stainless steel pressure cookers, with one being a friendly and roomy 21.5 quarts. No one size fits all options, so it is nice that they are available in different sizes for different occasions. If you are looking for some other different sizes, then it is also available in 10.5, 15.5, 25-quart pressure cooker and a max of 41.5 quarts. A 25-quart pressure cooker is enough for a wide variety of people.

In this commercial stainless steel pressure cooker, there is no need for the gaskets because the proven metal to metal system holds every bit of the steam and makes sure not to escape a single bit of it. This induction-ready pressure cooker works remarkably well as advertised and one of the best models on this list. Pressure release is automatic, and readings are easy to follow with the geared steam gauge, and with settings ranging from 5, 10, and psi.

It is made up of cast aluminum and some of the most robust screws to relieve you when you are away from it. So it is a practically safe option on this list. This pressure cooker’s weight is a bit heavy, but they consider it a play for the industrial-scale. So you can consider it as an industrial-size pressure cooker. If you are looking for a large pressure cooker capacity, then this is the best and logical choice available in the market. But if you have a problem with carrying weight then avoid this. For all others, it is an excellent pressure cooker in a large capacity that will fascinate you when you get it out of the box.


  • Best pressure cooker large capacity
  • Pressure release is automatic, and readings are easy to follow.
  • One of the safest products


  • A bit heavy
  • Costly

2. Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Pressure


Ninja Foodi is an 8-quart multi-functional commercial electric pressure cooker by adding in an air fryer and a tender crisper function. With the help of an air fryer, you can easily make french fries and other deep-fried foods to satisfy your snack cravings by using 75% less fat. This commercial electric pressure cooker’s feature lets you enjoy guilt-free fried food rather than traditional methods.

Ninja foodi lets you replace the other appliances and make space on your counter. You can use it as a pressure cook, steam, slow cooker, sear and saute, bake and keep your food warm. One amazing feature it offers is a tender crisper that opens up an entire world. The tender crisper lets you give your pressure cooked meat a bit of extra flavor and appearance; when your food is cooked in this five qt pressure cooker, the crisping lid drops and applies a portion of the heat to give your meals a nice color and crunch.

Another amazing feature of this restaurant pressure cooker is the ability to dehydrate. With the dehydrator, you can make healthy dehydrated fo=ruits for snacking, save money by making your own beef jerky, and even make fruit chips an alternative to potato chips. It is one of the large pressure cookers with an 8-quart size with many options, which makes an entire family dinner.


  • It is a 5-quart pressure cooker with a crisp basket, stainless steel rack, a recipe book for making it easy to use
  • It cooks 70% faster as compared to traditional ways.


  • The 25 pounds and 14.2 x 16.8 x 13.1-inch makes it bulky and large. This is not suitable for a small kitchen with less space. 

3. Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker


It is one of the best instant pot stainless steel pressure cookers with the third generation technology. This stainless steel pressure pot combines seven common kitchen appliances into one device and works up to 70% faster than they do. The seven devices are as follows; Pressure cooker, Slow cooker, steamer, saute pan, yogurt maker, and warmer. The 14 one-touch automatic programs make cooking delicious meals and dessert a snap.

It is a five ltr pressure cooker and one of the large stainless steel pressure cookers enough for the six people -families and also for singles and two. These stainless steel pressure cookers are easy to use. All you have to do is load all the ingredients, press a couple of buttons, and enjoy your delicious meal. And when you want to try some delicious new recipes, then you can connect to millions of users worldwide for your support and help. There are also thousands of recipes available for you on your favorite android and iSO.

If you are worried about safety, then do not worry. This pressure cooker 5 liter comes with ten built-in safety features to keep you and your family safe and secure. There is also a safety lock that prevents opening when the stainless steel pressure pan is under pressure, as well as overheat protection and a lid sensor that prevents cooking if the lid is not in place. Seven other safety features of this pressure cooker 5 liters reduce the danger to the minimum level by cutting or automatically controlling the heat level so you can say that it is a restaurant pressure cooker. Instant ports also offer a one-year limited warranty to their devices’ original purchasers covering defects in the material.


  • Precious temperature control 
  • Three temperature levels
  • Remember previous settings
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Comes with the minimal accessories
  • Difficult to monitor the pressure values

4. Cuisinart Cpc-600amz


Cuisinart electric pressure cooker is a medium-sized cooker about 6 quarts in size and comes with improved packaging. A little bit of package information matters for those who are shipping to faraway places to better protect the contents in the box. This stainless steel pressure pot’s digital design is made from the ground up for easy use and allows users to push the buttons.

Along with the accurate digital thermostat, there are separate settings for sauteing, browning, cooking, warming, and simmering. Cuisinart pressure cooker stainless steel has cool-touch handles, which allows you to transport your food material from one part to another. One significant advantage of this commercial electric pressure cooker is the digital set up when setting the timer and other functions and has a low learning curve. A more experienced cook will appreciate the manual option available and enjoy a lot of this feature. Some of the features of this include browning, low pressure, and high-pressure lights on the front. Other aggravating features of this commercial stainless steel pressure cooker include the lid locking, which can be a bit of a hassle the first few times when you used it. Even though the automatic keep the warm feature of this stainless steel pressure pan lasts an incredible 12 hours and provides care so that the food is not dried out or scorched on the bottom of the pot during the process of the long wait.

It comes with a very useful guide, and it is highly recommended to go through it completely to check out its features and recipes. Although it is hefty of about 16.6 pounds but one of the best reliable stainless steel pressure cookers on the market. It is an excellent buy that will look well and perform well in your kitchen.


  • It has the best warranty period.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Accurate digital thermostat


  • This commercial stainless steel pressure cooker does not offer many preset food buttons or cooking methods.

5. Secura 6-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker


Second on our list is this mid-priced Secura 6-in-1 electric pressure cooker 6qt, which has the ability to replace your rice cooker, slow cooker, food steamer, soup maker, and even older pressure cooker. The most exciting thing about this product is that it does not require a stove. They did not skimp on the materials with stainless steel dishwasher safe pot and stainless steel lid from a quality point of view. Both the handles and lids are cool so that you won’t burn yourself while or after cooking.

This commercial stainless steel pressure cooker is an all in one unit with a computer chip built-in to gauge temperatures and the best energy-efficient item in this list. The tradeoff is a rather 10psi but can be overcome with a variety of methods. You can easily control this stainless steel pressure pot with an easy-to-use control panel, but some drawbacks exist while choosing some functions, mainly while trying to brown.

Secura commercial electric pressure cooker accessories include a rice spoon, measuring cup, standard recipe book, and user manuals. It is advised to read the user’s manual from the first to the last to understand all the important features of this unit. As it is a hybrid, so there are lots of quirks that may require some easily missed tips if you do not educate yourself on using the product. This is an incredible product to own if you take the time to fully master all the available functions. But if you are looking for a premium pressure cooker, then stay away from it and go with the real thing.


  • One year warranty
  • Micro computerized temperature and time control
  • Energy and time-efficient
  • 6-quart capacity is ideal for single and for small families


  • Very large manual and need time to go through
  • Not ideal for larger families or a large number of people

6. Zavor Lux Lcd 8 Quart


If you are looking for a budget-saving commercial electric pressure cooker, then the Zavour LUX 8 quart is the best choice for you. Similar to the instant pot, this commercial stainless steel pressure cooker is also a programmable device, a combination of a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, and steamer into one handy countertop appliance. It also works as a stainless steel pressure pan, which allows you to brown and statue ingredients, with a manual recipe function if you want to customize.

The zavor lux power pressure cooker commercial also includes 24-hours warming and time delay functions for added convenience. Choose between 4-quart, 6-quart, and 8-quart options based according to your need and the number of servings you typically cook at once.

Experts highly recommend it.  zavor lux commercial electric pressure cooker is so convenient that all you have to do is put all your ingredients in the stainless steel pressure pot, put the cover on, and push a button for 20 minutes if you have pasta or chicken in the pot. It is very popular among people because of its easy to use and clean up feature. With its many push of button features, you can cook a number of dishes. A significant advantage of this is one pressure cooker commercial size, which means it does not take much of your counter space.


  • Easy to use and clean up
  • You can cook a variety of dishes with just push a button
  • Best for the small kitchens with less counter space
  • Superior multi cooker


  • LCD looks inferior

7. Gourmia Gpc1000 Smart Pot


With this smart stainless steel pressure pot preparing an appetizer, soup, entree, and even desserts has become more comfortable with this fully automated gourmet-level features, including six cooking modes and 13 settings of gourmia large stainless pressure cooker. Let us take an example that you are planning to be away for the day; there is a built-in 24 hours timer on this commercial electric pressure cooker to keep your meal fresh and hot. It is an energy-efficient device which is an advantage of this product. Due to this feature, the energy reduces to 70% and speeds up cooking by 2-6 times to save your cost and time.

This stainless steel pressure pot is safe to use due to its custom-engineered safety with a lid-locking system. So enjoy the full flavor of your meal with the gourmia commercial stainless steel pressure cooker, which is famous for preserving nutrients during cooking.


  • Easy and quick clean up
  • Super large capacity 
  • Easy to use


  • Manual lack full information

Buying Guide for the Best Commercial Electric Pressure Cookers

What is the best electric pressure cooker on the market? The idea of enjoying a delightful meal pleasing to the heart. However, it can only be made possible when you have the best commercial pressure cooker. Today many stainless steel pressure cookers for sale. If you are looking for the best commercial pressure cooker and do not know which one is best for you, do not worry. Here are some points you should consider while purchasing. They are as follow;


Before setting out for the best commercial electric pressure cooker, first, you will have to consider the size of your family and how much you cook daily. For home, you will find electric pressure cookers options between 4 to 10 quart. Pressure cookers 12 quarts to the 32 qt pressure cooker are the industrial size pressure cookers.

A good guideline is to take each quarter as a serving for a single person. If you are the only two members in your family, then the 4- 5 qt pressure cooker is best for you. And if you are 4-5 persons, then the most used electric pressure cooker is 5-6 quarts. If you have to prepare meals for many meals, consider buying a large stainless pressure cooker. 8-12 quart pressure cooker stainless steel is sufficient to feed every mouth.


We are aware of how drastic a pressure cooker can be. But today, electric stainless steel pressure cookers come with loaded safety features to avoid explosions. You have to know that many electric pressure cookers hold lids tight while under pressure and allows you to open the lid only when the pressure is released.

Most other electric cookers come with a built-in temperature sensor to help you to prevent food burning. When you are going to purchase the best commercial electric pressure cooker, it is advised to look for a model full of safety features to ensure your home’s safety.

Easy of Use

Always look for that pressure cooker with digital control for easy and convenient use. If you are a busy mom and too tired to stand over the stove, then the best commercial electric pressure cooker offers you the ease to press a couple of buttons, and your food gets to cook itself.


It is wise to look for the best commercial electric pressure cookers that offer additional cooking features. Today many electric pressure cookers come with additional functions such as a slow cooker, air fryer, yogurt maker, rice cooker, and more.

Purchasing an electric cooker with multiple functions reduces the number of appliances on your kitchen counter and saves you ample time and money.

Benefits of Cooking With the Commercial Electric Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker not only saves your cooking time but also makes your meal nutrient-rich and presentable. Following are some useful benefits of using a pressure cooker;

Saves Your Cooking Time

Cooking a kg of meat by boiling usually takes 2-3 hours by boiling with a regular stove, and you have to stir it from time to time. Pressure cookers reduce this time by around 70% with the best pressure cooker and save your time about 2-3 hours. So 2-3 hours is enough time to spend with your family and try other dishes for a lavish meal. 

Safe to Use

The best commercial electric pressure cookers are comfortable and 100% safe to use. Now many cookers come with the extra pressure that discharges at any time, so there is no fear of explosives anymore.

Keep Food Fresh and Wholesome.

Commercial Electric Pressure cookers maintain the nutrient value of your meal. Meal cooking with pressure cookers maintains the whole nutrients of your food, so there is no need to worry about your food’s nutritional value.

Multipurpose Use

People usually look for pressure cookers for multipurpose use. Today, there are a wide variety of commercial electric pressure cookers or induction-ready pressure cookers used in various ways. 

The Simplest Way of Cooking

The pressure cooker for commercial use provides a simple and convenient way of cooking meals. In traditional cooking, you need to learn a lot about the techniques, while in electric cookers, there is no need for experience.