A Luxury Guide to Buying the Computer Chair With Footrest in 2021

A computer chair with footrest is a luxurious piece of furniture that works as your best companion when you have to spend hours working on a computer. At times when you get tired of working and sitting, you can kick back and relax by placing your feet on the footrest.


Here is my list of the best gaming chairs with footrest that enable you to work on your computers for a long time without causing fatigue. You can easily play video games on your pc and spend hours on a chair without experiencing discomfort.


Each product in the list is selected by keeping in mind your comfort and need; therefore, you can choose any computer chair with foot rest with satisfaction.


Best Computer Chair With Footrest at a Glance

Von Racer Computer Desk Chair With Foot Rest
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  1. Von Racer Computer Desk Chair With Foot Rest

If you are looking for some high-quality yet affordable luxurious gaming chair with foot rest, we recommend you to check out amazon’s best selling Von Racer Desk Chair. Its innovative design and comfort will surely attract you. This leather swivel chair with footstool provides additional facilitates like a full massaging seat.


Moreover, the cushioning on this computer chair with footrest effectively alleviates the fatigue or back pain that can be caused by constant sitting. It is a large recliner office chair with footrest, adjustable arms, and height, along with an adjustable headrest cushion. Overall, it is one of the best computer chair with foot rest for people who spend hours working on computers.



  • It is equipped with innovative electric massager 
  • You can adjust its height, arms and back angle 
  • It comes with a retractable padded footrest 
  • It is made of high-grade PU leather 
  • It is easy to assemble      


2. Killabee Computer Chair Leg Rest

Another fantastic office chair with leg support that we have on our list is by Killabee. That is known for its excellent ergonomic support that provides you comfort while you are stressed about a game or work. Its flamboyant style, high degree reclining feature along with the lumbar backing, makes it unique.


All these features make Killabee one of the best gaming chair with footrest. It is suitable for gamers as it can be locked between 90-155 degree positions allowing them to stretch their back from time to time; Cherry on the top is its cost that will surely surprise you.


  • It comes with a sliding footrest attachment for office chair that s
  •  It has excellent ergonomic support and adjustability 
  • It is furnished with lumbar support pillows attached with straps 
  • It is comfortable and thick layered 


3. Respawn Ergonomic Chairs With Foot Rest

It is a perfect leather reclining office chair with footrest for people who are a little bulky. It is a gamified seat that provides a luxurious seating space while an intense gaming session enchants you. After spending hours on the computer working, you can take a nap on this chair by extending the footrest.


Above all, its 4D adjustability enables you to customize your seating position according to your comfort. Along with that, the padded armrests ensure maximum ease. These leather reclining chairs with footstools come in contrasting colors; however, its professional look is not compromised.


  • It offers 360 degree swivel rotation along with optimal reclining position
  • The ergonomic support is enhanced by contoured support and extendable foot stool
  • It consists of 4D adjustability and padded armrests
  • It is a leather reclining chair and footstool


4. Gtracing High Back Computer Chairs

GTRACING is a tall desk chair with footrest that embodies all the essential features of an executive chair with footrest starting from its ergonomic design to its relaxing footrest area, each of the components shows its high quality. The 360-degree swiveling base makes the chair easy to move around.


In addition to the full application and comfortable seating area, this reclining office chair with leg rest comprises two Bluetooth speakers that permit you to enjoy a thrilling gaming experience. Added support is provided by a headrest pillow and lumbar cushion that can be removed.


  • It is a music gaming chair footrest attachment
  • It has a strong metal frame enclosed in a leather chair and foot stool
  • You can adjust its height, reclining position and ergonomic position
  • It consists of nylon smooth rolling caster for stability


5. Homall Computer Executive Chair With Footrest

It is a perfect high back cloth office chair, gaming chair, and an ideal addition to your conference room. It is designed by a contemporary designer; therefore, it has a distinct style and eye-catchy colors. Its specific material features high-density foam, antioxidation, maximum comfort, elasticity, and service life.


Moreover, Homall high back chair with footstool is a multifunctional chair that has a 360-degree swivel base, retractable footrest, comfy armrests, and removable headrest cushions. They also offer a free exchange if there are some installation or damage problems.


  •   It is a trendy leather chair with footrest
  • It is made of thick and sturdy steel frame which is covered with PU leather 
  • The leather is wear resistant 
  • It has adjustable armrest and tilt mechanism 


6. Furmax Reclining Office Chairs With Footrest

It is a high-capacity office chair with foot rest, which is suitable for folks that are bulky. It has been developed by keeping in mind comfort and durability. The complete package includes a racing-style chair, installation hardware, tools, and manual. Its tilt mechanism provides extra stability and reclining positions.


Besides that, you can use this office chair with foot support for long gaming sessions as its swivel base provides convenience. To keep the chair stable, the designers made its base from five-star nylon. Along with that, you will find a large size footrest area that enables you to slump back between working hours.


  • It is constructed with high-quality PU leather along with thick padded bucket seat
  • It is easy to assemble 
  • You can adjust its height and ergonomic position 
  • You can rock it back and forth freely 


7. Bestoffice Computer Chair With Leg Rest

Another office chair recliner footrest in our list is manufactured by BestOffice, a company that is widely known for its big and tall leather reclining office chairs. It provides all the comfort required by a computer chair. Its high-density sponge cushion along with high-grade leather is built-in fashion that it appears as a refreshing addition in your office.


Moreover, this desk chair with leg rest features a commercial gas lift that makes it convenient to pull up and down. It comes with a human-oriented ergonomic design and swivel base that makes it comfortable and mobile.

Features :

  • It has 360 degrees swiveling base and adjustable lumbar support 
  • Its back is designed in executive style  
  • It is made of breathable premium leather 
  • It has strong practicality 


8. Reficcer Leather Reclining Chair With Footstool


If you are failing again and again in finding the right size of office chairs with leg rests, then the Reficcer desk chair with foot rest can be your last stop. It is sturdy, flexible, and is constructed solidly. To support your back, this gaming chair with foot rest has a high back design along with a waterfall seat edge that helps you keep your legs in a comfortable position while you are working on the computer.


The office chair footrest attachment is retractable, and you can flip it over when you plan to take a nap in between work. It features a massive duty metal base; thus, it is reliable and can bear heavyweight. You can easily assemble this computer chair with footrest and move it around rolling on nylon casters.


  • It is made with strong metal and bonded leather 
  • It consists of flexible reclining angle with high back
  • It has nylon rolling casters for movement 
  • It also has retractable footrest along with extra soft padded armrests

Buyer’s Guide

A good computer chair should be comfortable and without and strains at the back. It should allow you to sit for long hours without causing any discomfort. Those who are looking forward to buy a computer chair with footrest should take into account the following features:


  •  Height Adjustability


A good computer chair with foot rest is the one that gives you control over the height of the chair. Everyone differs in height; similarly, different chairs come with different height. But a reliable computer chair is an adjustable high back chair with footstool.


  • Lumbar Support


The lumbar support is meant to ease our lumbar that is naturally arched inwards. As people have to spend hours on the computer chair, therefore, it can cause slouching and strain in the lumbar spine. Hence you should choose a leather reclining chair and footstool that offers lumbar support.


  • Material

Material is the most crucial feature that you need to consider when you are buying an office chair recliner footrest because a high-quality material remains intact for a longer period. If you are a messy eater, you can choose leather reclining office chairs as they are easy to clean and durable


  •  Swivel Sturdy Base


A non-mobile computer chair can be annoying, as humans we need freedom to move our chair. Similarly, if you want to carry out different functions along with working on a computer like printing pages you will need to move it around. Therefore, go for a chair that comes with a 360-degrees swivel base.   


  •  Price


Price is an essential component of every product that you buy. Price really matters when you are buying some high quality material and firstly you need to be satisfied with the price of computer office chair with foot rest you are buying. Therefore, it is prudent to choose a chair that matches your budget and consists of features that you desire.


  • Final Verdict


As the technology is taking over the world, more and more people are working on computers. Spending hours on chairs that are not comfortable can cause fatigue; therefore, you should buy a computer chair with footrest that provides you comfort and reduces back pain. However, it is difficult to choose right now, mainly because the market is full of ergonomic chairs with footrest.


Henceforth, we choose one of the best gaming chairs with footrest from our list. The Von Racer Computer desk chair is our choice because it consists of all the essential features of a good computer chair such as ergonomic construction, sturdy base, adjustability, and good weight capacity.