36 Inch Induction Cooktop – Latest Technology to Adopt for Better Lifestyle

Let us introduce you to the latest technology known as a 36 inch induction cooktop to improve your lifestyle.

Just like others, I used to think that an electric magnetic induction cooktop is so powerful that it can replace old and traditional gas stoves.  Firstly, my mind was not ready to accept me to adopt this change in life. Then I think why not give it a try. Thus I brought a best 36 inch induction cooktop and have my first cooking experience on it.

Believe me, it was so amazing that I pack my old gas stove aside and start using the most reliable induction range. The best thing about these induction cooktop 36″ is that they are professional in working and slim sleek in design. It has changed the overall appearance of my kitchen.

People mostly ask how induction cooking works. Firstly, use a ferrous pan that attracts the magnet. Secondly, the cooktop generates a high frequency magnetic field. Thirdly, magnetic friction produces the heat to the pan. Lastly, this induction excites the molecules in the ferrous material. Thus, this whole process is simple to understand.

The best thing about this 36 in induction cooktop is that there is no danger for the child. As the magnet activates only when it detects the metal. On the basis of experimental studies, it gives the beat a boil or simmer as compared to the electric or gas cooktops. Moreover, the professional chimney is not required with these best 36 electric cooktop as the heat emission is less.

These best rated stove tops obey with Massachusetts Makeup Air Laws, whereas gas powered stoves do not follow this. This is one of the huge differences, as well. In addition, these cooking ranges are easy to clean and maintain. However, it does not allow you to bake the food. The reason is that it can’t heat the glass.

Here we provide a complete guide covering the top 7 best 36 inch induction cooktop, extensive features, and specifications, things to consider while buying the best 36 inch electric cooktop, top three brands, and FAQs in detail.

Best Cooktop on Amazon

GE Induction Electric Cooktop (CHP-9536-SJSS)
Check Price
GE Electric Cooktop (PHP-9036-SJSS)Check Price
Bosch Induction Electric Cooktop (NIT-8666-UC-800)Check Price
Thermador Induction Cooktop (CIT-365-KM)Check Price
Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop (CIT-36-XKB)Check Price
Frigidaire Induction Cooktop (FGIC-3666-TB)Check Price
Gasland Induction CooktopCheck Price

1. GE Induction Electric Cooktop (CHP-9536-SJSS)


Highlighted Features:

  1. This 36″ induction range comes with a total of 5 burners.
  2. The current required for functioning is 50 amps.
  3. This 36″ induction cooktop is available only in gray color.
  4. You can control the heat settings with a single swipe.
  5. It is an electric fuel type best induction stove top

GE is a very famous electronic manufacturing brand, especially for the kitchen and dining products. This model CHP-9536-SJSS comes with a lot of features that make your life easy and comfortable. Some exciting functions are control lock capability, Sync Burner Capability, melt setting, and much more.

According to the company, the left rear and the left front burners are used as a single elongated burner (Sync Burner). It is very useful to cook in huge cookwares and for griddling purposes.

It comes with 2 colored indicator lights (blue and red). The blue color gives a premium look that merges with modern kitchen finishes. The surface of the best induction cooktop is made with a gray colored ceramic glass and has beveled edges. The company offers a limited 1 year warranty along with 5 years for the best rated induction cooktop surface unit.

With the help of glide touch, you can accurately control the heat instantly with a single swipe. A unique feature of this 36 inch stove top is that it comes with some custom features special settings. These settings help you to cook according to your need with personalized settings.


2. GE Electric Cooktop (PHP-9036-SJSS):


Highlighted Features:

  1. It comes in stainless steel with a black body.
  2. The 36 inch induction cooktop, comes with a total 5 burners.
  3. It is equipped with a pan size sensor.
  4. The control panel has a red LED display.
  5. It requires 50 amp current.
  6. This 36 inch induction range also has a kitchen timer.

Let us introduce to you a very famous model by GE that comes with a lot of features. This model is PHP-9036-SJSS. The major difference in both models is the color of the frame and material used for its manufacture.

According to the company, this best 36 induction cooktop is slightly bigger than the CHP model. This induction cooktop is considered to be the most reviewed model among the 36 inch induction cooktop. In addition, this best induction stove top comes with an electronic touch type control panel that is provided at the front center of the module.

Some more important features are All-OFF control, kitchen timer, control lock feature, Sync-Burner capability, and melt setting.

This best 36 inch cooktop has warning indicators for Hot Surface, Setting Level Indicators, Red alert, and Surface Element “ON” setting. The company also provides an optional griddle with this product. All these indicators help the user to cook in a safe environment with a precision based cooking.

According to the market survey, this best 36 inch cooktop has ADA compliant with a 1 year warranty for parts. If you visit the market, you will see that it has 11 inch burner and is one of the most powerful induction elements that boil the water in seconds.


3. Bosch Induction Electric Cooktop (NIT-8666-UC-800):


Highlighted Features:

  1. It comes only in black color.
  2. It has 5 cooking zones.
  3. This is the only cooktop with an auto-chef feature.
  4. This 36 inch induction cooktop comes with a residual heat indicator.
  5. It is the only model with a power rating of 4.5 kWatts.
  6. It automatically adjusts the burner dimension according to the size of the pan.

Bosch is a very famous company for the manufacturing of different home appliances and kitchen equipment.

This best 36 inch induction cooktop (NIT8666UC 800) by Bosch is very famous for its unique Auto-Chef feature. Till now, no other brand has introduced this feature in their product. With the help of this feature, you can maintain not only the exact frying temperature but also the time for how much you want to keep it.

According to the company professional reviews induction ranges, this induction range has dual 12″ burners with power boost function. Both the burners are very powerful, with a power rating of 4.5 kWatts. This model comes with a Speed Boost feature that provides 30% more cooking speed as compared to other 36″ induction cooktops.

It is also equipped with Pot Sense technology. This feature automatically adjusts the burner dimension according to the size of the pan bottom. It also has a Precise Select function that is a direct cooking level selection feature. This feature has a total of 17 different customized settings. According to the company and the market survey, it is the best induction cooktop model to have a current rating of 40 Amps. Many other models have a minimum 50 Amps circuit breaker.

You can use dual 6″, dual 7″, dual 9″, and 12″ pot dimensions can be used in one cooktop. If you visit the market, you will find that this the most powerful induction cooktop available at a reasonable price.


4. Thermador Induction Cooktop (CIT-365-KM):


Highlighted Features:

  1. It is designed with the highest available quality.
  2. This highest rated induction cooktop is designed with innovation and style.
  3. It is available in a stainless steel color.
  4. 50 amp current is required to run this most reliable induction range.
  5. It has a power rating of 9.6 kWatts.
  6. This induction cooktop comes with 5 burners.

Another very famous brand in the manufacturing of a 36 inch induction cooktop is Thermador. The cooktop by this brand gives a stylish look to your kitchen. This striking induction cooktop 36″ is the best solution for stainless steel products. Due to its silver mirrored finish, this stainless steel is surely a treat for the eyes.

According to the company 36 inch electric cooktop reviews, it is the only cooktop with 13 inches heating element in the premium class as compared to any other cooktops in this class. With a power rating of 4.6 kWatts, this 13 inch heating element has a unique triple zone feature. This 13 inch element can be used as 9 inch heating burner and 11 inch element.

Moreover, this highest rated induction cooktop has 3 circle sizes that have silver surface. This cooktop is also famous for its boiling period of 50% less as related to other small cooktops. Some most important features of this 36 inch induction cooktop are an induction power boost, an auto-shutoff timer, 17 different power settings with the touch control panel, and a trapezoidal designed box in the front.


5. Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop (CIT-36-XKB):


Highlighted Features:

  1. It has a space of maximum 4 pots.
  2. This 36 inch induction electric range has 63% more cooking space as compared to an ordinary cooktop.
  3. You can also change the position of the pot, even during cooking.
  4. The heating element will never turn on if a smaller object is placed on the cooking surface.
  5. It is equipped with an anti-overflow system.
  6. It also has a safety child lock feature.

Another famous model of 36 inch induction cooktop by Thermador is CIT-36-XKB. This model is commonly known as a wide Freedom induction cooktop. It is the only one with the power rated heating element of 4.6 kWatts. This 36 in induction range will heat water faster than a conventional cooktop available in the market.

This most powerful induction cooktop comes with only 1 heating element for the whole product. This means that the whole surface of this grey color and frameless cooktop can be used for cooking.  This will increase a total of 63% more usable surface area as compared to any other 36 inch induction cooktop range.

According to the company’s best electric cooktop reviews, this model is one of the largest cooktop materials available in the market. It allows you to use a lot of utensils with huge diameters for cooking in this product. You can cook 4 pans simultaneously in every combination. In order to make the product inductive, a total of 48 induction coils each of 3 inches is used underneath the cooktop surface.

Moreover, this 36 in induction range comes with a 6.5 inches full color touch screen with clear text display.  This colored display provides better and faster control to cooking settings. This induction cooktop 36 inch also allows you to move the utensil from one position to another even during the cooking on the cooktop surface.

Although, the cooktop will automatically detect the new position and transfer the previously set cooking settings to the new area. Due to its chiseled and angular design, it is one of the most stylish looking and modern 36 inch induction cooktop in the market today.

In addition, the company has designed this 36 in induction cooktop considering all the safety features, making it one of the best quality induction cooktop.


6. Frigidaire Induction Cooktop (FGIC-3666-TB):


Highlighted Features:

  1. This 36″ induction range offers fast cooking.
  2. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the cooktop surface.
  3. The best induction stove top is easy to clean because of the ceramic glass covering.
  4. It has an automatic pan size detection feature.
  5. This 36 inch induction cooktop has 5 burners.
  6. 40 amp current is required to run this cooktop.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly 36 inch induction cooktop, then try this Frigidaire induction cooktop model (FGIC-3666-TB).

This induction cooktop can boil the water in just 2 minutes. It comes with 5 burners that make it a perfect choice in everyone’s home. According to the company 36 induction cooktop reviews, it comes up with 5 energy efficient induction burners that let you cook food quickly without any change in taste or smell or burning.

Furthermore, these top rated induction cooktops allow you to accurately adjust the heat temperature on each burner, especially at lower settings. To give a sleek and a stylish look, a smooth black ceramic glass covered the total cooktop surface. This allows you to clean the cooktop surface after a messy meal easily.


7. Gasland Induction Cooktop:


Highlighted Features:

  1. It is the best 36 inch induction cooktop available at a pocket-friendly price.
  2. It has 9 power levels for full combustion energy.
  3. This best 36 induction cooktop has a kid’s safety lock.
  4. The company offers a 1 year limited warranty.
  5. It is designed with metal and glass.
  6. Due to the smooth surface, it is easy to clean.

Gasland is also a very famous brand for different home appliances, especially kitchen cooktops. This best rated induction cooktop comes with 5 cooking zones with fast heating capability.  This cooktop has dimensions of 35.4*20.5*2.4 inches.

According to the company 36 inch induction cooktop reviews, this model is suitable for an alternate current of 220-240V with a maximum total power of 7400 watts. Two cooking zones of 7.1 inches have a maximum 1800W power, two other cooking zones of the same size has a maximum 2000W power while the middle cooking zone of 8.3 inches has a maximum power of 2000W.

Furthermore, it comes with a touch type sensor control system with 9 power levels. The digital sensor touch controls let you easily control the heating temperature of the induction cooker accurately. According to the company, this best 36 inch electric cooktop is designed, considering the North American Norms. To make it more secure and safe, it comes with different protection functions, such as the child safety lock, auto shutdown protection, overheating protection, and detection of small articles.

A most important feature of this best 36 electric cooktop is its multifunctional timer. This feature can be used as a timely reminder during cooking. You can adjust the induction cooktop to turn off automatically after the set time is up. A maximum of 99 minutes is allowed to set up the time.


Factors To Consider While Buying 36 Inch Induction Cooktop – A Complete Buying Guide

Do people ask what the prerequisites to buy induction cooking range are? As the market is occupied with so many brands and models, thus buying becomes a more technical factor. The following are some key features that are important to consider while buying a 36 inch induction cooktop to value out your money.

Space on your Countertop

You must have a space of 36 inches in width to place a 36 inch induction range. Firstly, you must make the proper space to install it. You can check the dimension of the product from amazon and check them according to your counter space. You can hire a professional to help you out in this matter. This may require some sort of cutting and adjustments according to your countertop. This is going to waste your money if you first buy the best rated induction cooktop and then think about where to adjust it.

Power Supply

The most technical aspect of a 36″ induction cooktop is that it requires 40 amps current to work.  This will translate to the power of 7.2 kilowatts. Now, the fact is that in the USA, there are no standard amps wires for 40 amps circuitry. So, you need to hire an electrician to install a 50 amps wire that will provide you 12koli watts power. Thus, this power is more than you require to make your 36 inch stove top operational.

Burner Layout

The next consideration is the layout of the burner. There is a wide variety available in the market for a 36 inch induction cooktop. Some have 3 burners, while others have 5 burners. Moreover, the difference lies in the arrangement of these burners as well. However, it is advisable to look for a burner layout with large on the front side and small stoves on the back, so they are more convenient to use.


It is an expensive investment. Apart from charges of the cooking range, modifications for installation purposes are also required.  Thus, you should have enough budget to carry on the whole procedure.

Yes, as we said that this is an expensive investment; thus, we want to value out your money by investing for the right brand. Here we are shortlisting the top 3 brands regarding a 36 inch induction cooktop to buy. The products of these brands are of high quality and durable. 

Best Brand on Amazon

Gasland – Most reliable induction range

Gasland is one of the top rated and trusted brands. This is because it presents a wide range of kitchen accessories. One can shop for gas cooktops, electric cooktops, best 36 induction cooktop,  wall ovens, range hoods, portable water heater, and many other latest technology kitchen electronics. Moreover, the performance of the best 36 inch cooktop by this brand is remarkable. You should buy Gasland Induction Cooktop from our top 7 picks.

Frigidaire – highest rated induction cooktop


This is one of the most demanding brands in the market. One of the ranges of the famous product of Frigidaire is its kitchen accessories. You can find cookware, Bakeware, measuring tools, kitchen utensils, cutting boards, grease keeper, and many others. One famous model by this brand is Frigidaire Induction Cooktop (FGIC-3666-TB). 

Thermador – induction cooktop 36″

Thermador Vector Logo - (.SVG + .PNG) - SeekVectorLogo.Net

 Thermador is a brand that presents high quality with simple designs for 36 inch induction cooktop. According to the thermador freedom induction cooktop reviews by customers it provides a durable, reliable high quality, easy to operate, quick installation and manual guide for best 36 electric cooktop.


In conclusion, we have known that some traditional electronics like gas powered stoves are difficult to leave. Some people may hesitate to adopt this latest technology, but once you switch, you will feel like heaven on earth. The features like noise less, energy efficiency, faster cooking and child safety will value out your money.

The purpose of our electric induction cooktop reviews is to guide you about top rated and market in demand brands and their respective models. These products will never disappoint you in terms of their working, durability and functions. Moreover, our buying guide will save your time for search as well as we enlist these top 7 picks after detailed research, sales reports and surveys. Hope, you find the 36 inch induction cooktop that meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About 36 Inch Induction Cooktop