Buy Best Cd Player for Your Kids (2021) Portable & Durable


The best cd player is one which is portable and lightweight for that makes ease for children to carry. A child-friendly cd player is durable to withstand rough handling. Kids cd player with microphone is another plus as kids love to listen back to their own sung songs. There are many different types of Children CD Player in the market, such as CD Players with Microphone, Kids Portable CD players, CD player, and Karaoke Machine with Microphone, Kids Boombox CD player, Toddlers sing-along CD players, etc. We assure you that one of our Cd Players enlisted will make them swirl.


Factors to Consider Before Buying

Kids CD players are meant to keep your children engaged and cheerful at the same time. Singing helps to burn energy, boost confidence, and improves memorization skills.

Besides making them busy with this beautiful gadget, you can make karaoke a great family fun activity. Before you rush out and buy a CD player for your kids, there are a lot of important things you should consider first.

Dimensions of Compatibility– Are you looking for a CD player portable or do you want it to stay in one place? Do you want a battery-operated CD player for your kid or an AC adapter one or you want both power supplies? Is your child happy with playing alone or your kid wants to play on microphones with friends? Your CD player will also need to be able to play various CD formats.

Durability– Kids handle electronics quite miserably so you need to consider the durability of the gadget you are going to buy. A cheaply made thin plastic unit may break the first time your toddler drops it, shattering it into pieces. A tough CD player with an easy interface and controls is the best option for novice users.

Ease of Use– How old is your child? A complex interface may be too much for kids to understand. You need to consider and keep in mind when buying a CD player for your child that it fits his understanding and age. 

Price– The final price is inevitably a factor, but make sure that you are getting all the features you want before thinking about prices. If singing along with the music is important to your child, buying a kid’s music player that is $5 less but is missing a microphone will be a waste. Make sure to weigh the features, durability, and aesthetics when considering how much you want to pay.


Top 8 products for the best CD player for Kids

IQ Toys MP3 Player Kids CD Boombox
Check Price
Hello Kitty Portable Stereo CD Boombox for KidsCheck Price
Riptunes CD Player Portable Boombox CD player for kidsCheck Price
Jensen CD-555 Children's Portable CD PlayerCheck Price
Lauson LLB599 Boombox Kid Portable CD PlayerCheck Price
Kids Karaoke Machine Kid Boombox with microphoneCheck Price
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toddler Boombox with microphoneCheck Price
SINGING WOOD Portable Stereo CD Boombox –CD Player for KidsCheck Price

1. IQ Toys MP3 Player Kids CD Boombox


This little karaoke Machine is the best option for your little rock star! It allows your child to listen to their favorite song and sing along. Even your child can sing in his/her voice and enjoy listening to it. It has the option to connect two microphones so not only your child but his friend can also sing along to make a duet.

There is also an extremely supper option to connect headphones to it. Mothers who are sick of noise can get peace and calmness by letting their children listen to their favorite songs without making noise.

Your child will have a wide variety to listen to as he/she can connect your playlist by Bluetooth, MP3, USB, and Micro SD connection. It’s a perfect gift for your child or their mates on birthdays or whatever event is coming up. The colorful look of this CD player makes it even more attractive to buy at once.


  • Karaoke Player Pairs by MP3, Bluetooth, USB, or Micro SD.
  • 2 Microphones Included. 
  • Separate Volume Control for the Music Player and Microphones
  • Connect Headphones to listen quietly.
  • It has a Carry Handle and is super lightweight making it easier for children to carry.
  • Ideal for kids Age 3+.

2. Hello Kitty Portable Stereo CD Boombox for Kids


This boombox cd player is a must for kids’ party time. Not only it gives the best sound but also the lights that dance along with the beat make it funkier and fun. A multi-color LED light show moves in time with the music being played creating an exciting entertainment experience.

Its hefty design withstands the bumps and knocks which their young owner gives. Its sturdiness is a promise that it will be part of your child’s life till they get young. Having large buttons makes it easy for kids to control. 

It has headphone and aux-in jacks. These two jacks help the kids to either entertain themselves only or to entertain the whole party by attaching an aux in wire with a speaker. This multi-function makes it more charming for dual situations.


  • Dynamic Speakers * Output power: 2 x 1W (RMS at 10% THD) * AC/DC Power Operation: AC 120V/60Hz.
  • Multi-Color Led Light Show in Time with the Music Being Played; Top Loading CD Player with 20 Track Programmable Memory.
  • CD-R/EW Compatible; Repeat One or All; Skip, Search Forward/Back; AM/FM Stereo Radio.
  • Aux-in Jack for Listening to an iPad, MP3 or Other Digital Audio Player Through the Speakers; Twin, Dynamic Speakers.
  • Unit Dimensions: 9.5″(W) x 5″(H) x 8.5″(D).

3. Riptunes CD Player Portable Boombox CD player for kids


A new style statement for music lover kids. It let you experience a thrilling sound with Bluetooth boombox wireless. Its Bluetooth feature enables you to stream your music wirelessly through your phone or tablet. It has a CD player also which lets you enjoy your music through a recorded disc.

Analog Radio -AM FM tuner also delivers a wide variety of music programming. Dance along with this incredible dual power portable boombox. The CDB23BT antenna boombox built-in Bluetooth technology makes it happen to play music from your Bluetooth enabled devices for an unsurpassed experience. Its portability allows you to carry it anywhere easily. Its sturdiness is a plus to withstand the bad handling of kids.


  • It has built-in Bluetooth which enables stream music wirelessly.
  • CD player makes you listen to prerecorded music.
  • Its hard body makes sure that It can handle rough use.
  • Sound quality is amazing making it useful for party lovers.

4. Jensen CD-555 Children’s Portable CD Player


It is one of the best portable CD players for kids. Kids can experience great music with Jensen CD-555. It has multiple functions for playing music according to the kid’s liking. They can play music through Bluetooth, CD player, and FM radio. This wide function variety attracts kids and a beautiful design is a plus factor.

This Jensen boombox connects through a Bluetooth device, and wirelessly play your music from up to 33 feet away. The sound system is quite strong in this boombox with an X-Bass button for enhancing the bass effect on anything that is played. 

The design of this boombox is made easy for kids to handle. It has a foldable carry handle which makes it easy to carry, plus its robustness makes it strong for mishandling. It has a headphone jack and aux-in jack to connect it with your iPod, MP3, and other digital audio players. Buy it and enjoy powerful, realistic sound anywhere you go with this best portable cd player for kids.


  • Top Loading CD Player CD-R/RW Compatible Supports A2DP, AVRCP.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Version supports all the latest Bluetooth devices.
  • Blue LED CD Track Display Skip/Search, Forward and Back Repeat 1 or All.
  • Programmable Memory FM Stereo Receiver Bass Boost Headphone Jack.
  • Auxiliary Input Jack for Connecting Your iPod, MP3, or other Digital Audio Players Built-in Carrying Handle.

5. Lauson LLB599 Boombox Kid Portable CD Player


This beautifully designed CD player has high compatibility, this CD player plays CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and MP3 CDs. It has got Disco lights effect, lights change its color to the beat of the music. The functionality is quite easy which makes it ideal for kid’s use.

Along with a CD player it has also got a USB port, which allows kids to play MP3s from flash drives and connect your devices. It has an AC/DC power supply option which makes it viable for indoor and outdoor uses. It works with power as well as batteries.

Thanks to its FM tuner kids now can enjoy their favorite radio stations. Its FM radio has 20 memory slots. Not only the options of music streaming are strong but the sound quality is very fine also. The speakers attached to this player is of high quality.


  • It’s compatible with CD/CD-R/CD-RW/ MP3.
  • It has a USB MP3 player.
  • It has a Headphone and aux-in jacks.
  • It can work with AC supply and with batteries even.
  • It is available in multi colors.


6. Kids Karaoke Machine Kid Boombox with microphone


This little pretender kids karaoke machine is designed to please your little ones by playing melodious music. It not only plays music but also allows your little munchkins to sing along to their favorite microphone.

The size of the control buttons is large enough for kids to use and understand their functionality. Its bright color and flashing lights make this player more amusing for kids. Kids have wide options to choose from and listen to their favorite track like SD card, AUX, and FM radio.

The two microphones have different switches with which they can switch it on and off. It has AC power and batteries option which makes it an indoor and outdoor portable device.

Its lightweight design allows kids to carry this karaoke player wherever they want to. Its well-built speakers certify a smooth playback making it a great option to party with. This kid’s CD player is created to answer all your needs! Allowing kids to set the master volume as well as mic volume according to the need and situation.


  • It comes with two microphones
  • It has got a flashing light that dances with the beat.
  • Two power sources: electric cord and batteries.
  • It has got a headphone jack.
  • It has got an LCD screen.
  • The mic is attached to the karaoke with durable wires which are unbreakable.


7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toddler Boombox with microphone


Chic styled boombox is a classy boombox which every kid drool for. This CD boombox for kids is so easy in functionality with beautifully designed turtles on it. They just need to pop in their favorite CD, make the volume high and boom their room will turn into a dance floor with ninja turtles. The teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles graphics are so attractive that kids would love to grab it the moment they see it.

The interface of this boombox is easy to use and kids friendly. Kids can easily operate it anywhere and everywhere. It’s a CD player as well as an FM radio station so kids can enjoy their favorite songs on the go. The sound system makes this boombox fit for parties even.

It also comes with two power sources. You can plug in an AC adopter when it’s available or you can use batteries when you are outside somewhere. Its option for aux in jack makes it super functional as it can be attached to any audio device to enhance the playlist. It is considered to be one of the best gifts one can give to their kids on their birthdays or as a gift for getting good grades or whatever the occasion may be.


  • It can play CDs and CD-RWs discs.
  • Its friendly interface features play or pause, program, repeat, stop, skip, and search functions.
  • It has got two power sources: an AC adaptor and batteries.
  • Radio tuner plays FM and AM.
  • Aux in allows you to attach it to iPod or smartphones.
  • Perfect for gifting on certain occasions.

8. SINGING WOOD Portable Stereo CD Boombox –CD Player for Kids


If you are considering buying a portable kid CD player that can-do multiple tasks then the singing wood boombox is a perfect choice. It not only offers a CD player to play your favorite CDs but also It can play music through USBs directly. This player comes in different colors so you have a wide choice to select the color you want for your kid. Its design is quite promising and it is quite durable for the daily wear and tear of kids.

LED lights dances with the tunes, which make your kids dance along with the beat of sound and light. It’s the best cd player for kids’ room making them a party hall with flashing LED lights and music. 

Its integrated radio antenna makes it a super FM radio player with sound clarity. This boombox is the best option for kids as the interface is quite friendly. The design is made child friendly too with a handle to carry it anywhere they want.

Singing WOOD boombox CD player has dual speaker output of 2 x 1.5W which gives improved sound quality with more details. The strong sound with ideal loudness will make all kids love this player making it fit for outdoor events of kids. 

This player is not only making kids happy at home, they can enjoy this device on the picnics even. This powerful device can be operated on batteries when an AC adapter cannot be used. 


  • Pink design for girls with an LED light that dances to the tune.
  • Awesome loudness that makes it a must for party lover kids.
  • Multiple functions with USB port, a radio antenna, and an Aux-in.


It’s the wish of every parent to sing and laugh with their little bunch of happiness. The list above covers the most wanted and durable players you are looking for your child. Keeping in mind your child’s desire you can now easily select one from the given option and buy the best one for your child.