Guide to Buy Best Ionic Air Purifier – a Negative Ion Generator!

 It is important to have the best ionic air purifier at homes and offices to keep the air around fresh and healthy. A room ionizer air purifier plays an important role in putting down all the dust and pollutants out of the air. People are enjoying these great plugs in air purifiers for a decade. 

The basic working principle of this ion technologies air purifier is that it emits negative ions from the ionic air purifier pro as the air passes through the mini ionic air purifier; they pick up the negative charge. Then they attach to the surface or walls and are removed from the air. Hence, you can breathe in fresh air free from dust particles and others.

Indoor air pollutants can bring health problems like asthma attacks, allergies, and many other health effects.  These personal ionic air purifier are quite helpful in removing these pollutants, odors, and other harmful contaminants. In addition, it also removes the virus and bacteria traces present in the air. There are a large number of UV ion air purifier available in the market. But, you should make sure that it must be a negative ion generator air purifier.

The Following Are the Top 7 Best Ionic Air Purifier to Buy at Reasonable Prices

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Fellowes Aera Max Air Purifier
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1. Fellowes Aera Max Air Purifier


Highlighted Features:

  1. This best ion air purifier is available in 2 colors (Black and White) 
  2. It can reduce odor from the area of 300 to 600 square feet.
  3. This best negative air purifier also has a special performance mode for allergy, flu, and cold season.
  4. It automatically detects the contaminant and quickly purifies the air.
  5. This electrostatic ionic air purifier retards the growth of bacteria and mold in the air.

Best ionic air purifier is very important, especially for those persons who are suffering from asthma. 

Fellowes Aera Max Air Purifier, with the help of its True HEPA filter effectively cleans the air and removes up to 99.97% of allergens and pollutants. The HEPA filter is so effective that even the minute dust particles of 0.3 microns would not escape the filter.

Moreover, this best portable air purifier also retards the growth of bacteria and mold in the air with the help of antimicrobial treatment. Other than HEPA filter, carbon filter activates the carbon that quickly and efficiently absorbs bad odors like the smell of cigarettes.

According to the company portable air purifiers reviews, this ionic comfort air purifier releases negative ions that make dust particles heavy to float. In addition, this air purifier produces no ozone so that you can enjoy clean air. Above all, the most interesting thing about this ionic pro turbo air purifier is that it is certified by the Allergy Standards of Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

2. Green Tech Small Air Purifier


Highlighted Features:

  1. It is the best air purifier plug in to be used in bathrooms, offices, and lockers.
  2. Green Tech Small purifier is a portable ionic pro turbo max air purifier.
  3. You can also adjust the purification level.
  4. It can easily clean the area of 50 square feet.
  5. This ionic pro turbo ionic air purifier quickly removes the smoke from the room

Let us introduce you to a small and portable best ionic air purifier. This portable purifier is launched by Green Tech and is known as Small Plug-in Air Purifier. 

Although it is the best plug in air purifier, yet it has the functions of a professional grade large air purifier. This plugin purifier is mostly used in hotel rooms. It is easy to operate. In addition, this plug in ionizer air purifier has a small knob through which you can adjust the desired level. 

According to the company ionic air purifier reviews, don’t look at its small size, because it can efficiently and quickly eliminate the bad odor and smoke. Moreover, it also removes bacteria and viruses in the air. Because of its small size, it can be used anywhere during traveling.

3. Honeywell Oscillating Air Purifier:


Highlighted Features:

  1. The ionic pro turbo cleaning can trap the dust particle of 2 microns.
  2. This home ionizer air purifier easily removed 99% of airborne particles.
  3. This is the best energy efficient air ionizer for home.
  4. The company offers 5 years limited warranty.
  5. The filters used are washable.

If you want to save money but also want a good air purifier ionic pro, than purchase this Honeywell Oscillating Air Purifier. The Honeywell is a very famous brand in the manufacturing of small household electronic appliances.  

Furthermore, these best ionic air purifiers are equipped with washable filters that save your money as no cost of replacement filters. With the help of high-efficiency cleaning filters, it traps particles without disturbing and disrupting the flow of air. If we consider the performance, then this portable ionic air purifier is accomplished by circulating the air up to 5 times per hour.

Above all, it is equipped with different filtration mechanisms to give you clean air permanently.

4. Envion Ionic Turbo Air Purifier


Highlighted Features:

  1. This ionic pro air filter silently removes all the allergens from the air.
  2. It is effective for an area of 500 square feet.
  3. This air purifier ionic pro is also the best energy saver.
  4. It quickly removes the cigarette smoke.
  5. With the Oxygen Plus technology, this ionic pro turbo cleaning turns the ozone and smog in pure oxygen.

Envion Ionic Turbo Air purifier quietly gets rid of allergens in offices and homes without disturbing your peace. Each ionic turbo air purifier of this brand is found to be unique, sleek, and stylish in design. All ionic pro turbo air purifier is equipped with modern innovative technology that quickly and silently purifies the air.

According to the company representative, this ionic pro turbo ionic air purifier easily destroys the flu and cold viruses. Without any disturbance, it eliminates allergens, pollutants, and irritants. Above all, it is also a pocket-friendly ionic air purifier pro that never busts your budget.

Moreover, this ionic pro turbo max air purifier efficiently removes the bad odor, cigarette smoke, and clean the air of area 500 square feet. 

5. Oion Technologies 5 in 1 Purifier


Highlighted Features:

  1. Its 3 in 1 HEPA ionic pro air filter removes 99% of all large allergens.
  2. It is equipped with UV-C technology that effectively removes bad odor, viruses, and germs.
  3. You can adjust the fan setting depending on the amount of purification needed.
  4. This ionic air purifier tower filter reset indicator tells you when to change the filter.
  5. It has built-in Titanium Dioxide that sterilizes the air.

If you are already living in a clean environment but still want the best ionic air purifier for some large particles, then Oion Technologies Air Purifier is the best solution for your problem. This is very low-powered, but quite efficient to remove the large dust particles and pet hairs.  

These air purifiers with ionizers are not suitable for those areas that have high quantities of small dust. According to the company’s best ionizer air purifier reviews, this is a perfect purifier for anyone whose main concern is pet hair or allergens. In addition, this best home air ionizer purifies the air from ozone with the help of an electrostatic and ionization process.

Furthermore, this is easy to install, even for beginners. The company has designed these small rooms and offices. 

5. Ivation Air Cleaner


Highlighted Features:

  1. With a wood and steel frame, it adds a traditional look to the room.
  2. It is enough for an area of 3500 square feet.
  3. This best portable air purifier removes the bad odor and ozone with activated oxygen.
  4. This ion technologies air purifier has 3 fan settings.
  5. It weighs only 12 pounds.

Let us introduce to you the highest rated air purifier that fits in space and purify all size dust particles. This air cleaner is Ivation Air Cleaner. 

Moreover, the company says that this purifier is enough to clean the area of 3500 square feet. Thus this single air cleaner is enough for a small home or apartment. It consists of 2 electrostatic collection plates that trap the fallen airborne contaminants.

In addition, this ionic comfort air purifier is suitable while cleaning the air from all types of harmful contaminants.

The unique feature of this room ionizer air purifier is that the body is the combination of wood cabinetry and stainless steel. This adds a traditional decor in any room.

With the help of ionization, it helps to get rid of bacteria, mold, and other toxins from the air.


6. Plixio Portable Air Purifier


Highlighted Features:

  1. It handles all the germs, bacteria, and smog.
  2. It actively converts the ozone in oxygen.
  3. This best ionic air purifier also has a clean air indicator.
  4. It is easy to install and maintain.
  5. This plug in air purifiers has 3 speed fan settings.

In the list of the best ionic air purifiers, Plixio Portable Air Purifier is also a renowned name. This is a direct plugin and portable plug in ionizer air purifier. 

It uses the combination of ionization and ozone generators to remove the pollutants from the air.

An ozone generator is a powerful tool against odor.  This model allows the user to adjust the level of the ozone generator. 

As it is a portable plug in ionic air purifier so it can clean the air of area 150 square feet; thus, this purifier is best for laundry rooms, and bathrooms. 

According to the market survey, it is the best and cost effective mini ionic air purifier available at a pocket-friendly price.

Things to Consider While Buying Best Ionic Air Purifier – a Complete Buying Guide

The ionic room air purifier is quite technical in terms of its features and specifications. Thus, it is important to mention over here a buying guide for the newbies looking for an ionic air purifier ozone ionizer cleaner. Therefore, the following are the key features to consider while buying the best air purifier

Room size:

Air purifiers come up in various sizes and designs according to the size of your room. Generally, they work for a single room. Therefore, it is important to consider your room size and the plug in air cleaner you are going to buy. According to the expert ionic pro air purifier reviews, it is advisable to buy an air purifier 20 to 30 percent larger than your room size for efficient working.

Ozone Generated:

The amount of level of the ozone should be less, as according to the health standards, it should not exceed 0.05 ppm. These ionic pro ionic air purifier produce a tiny amount of ozone. 

Noise level:

As ion technology air purifier is mostly used in houses for all day. Therefore, if it produces noise, it can become troublesome for you. The noise level generally mentioned in the specs should be low for convenience. 

Operational Costs:

The best home air ionizer does include costs like ionic breeze replacement parts costs, service, regular maintenance, and electricity costs as well. One should make his mind clear about these upcoming expenditures as well.

The market competition is quite high regarding the best ionic air purifier because different brands are launching their home improvement electronic appliances. Therefore, here we summarize some top rated and trusted brands for the best ionic air purifier. 

Best Brands on Amazon:


Fellowes Inc Vector Logo - (.SVG + .PNG) - GetVectorLogo.Com


Fellowes is one of the trustworthy brands that has attained a special place in the market. It serves a wide variety of home improvement accessories. One of them is the True HEPA Filter ionic pro air cleaner. You can buy personal air purifiers, replacement filters, and other air purifiers as well. You can maintain a healthy personal workspace by using these carbon ionic air purifier as they follow a 4 stage purification system.


Green Tech Environmental


GreenTech Environmental | Brands of the World™



Green tech Environmental works for the betterment of the human environment. As human health is fully dependent on the inhale air purification. Therefore you can find a wide variety of Whole Home purification, Large Room plug in ionic air purifier, Food life extender, small ionic turbo air purifier, and many others. 


HoneywellHoneywell - logo - aftermarketNews


Honey well is one of the famous brands due to its extraordinary performance. You can find a wide variety of home appliances technology. Most of the customer feedbacks are satisfactory about the working, durability, and functionality of these ionic room air purifier. You can also buy sir conditions, dehumidifies, plug in air cleaner, and others.


In conclusion, we know that all you need is a durable best negative air purifier at reasonable prices. Everyone wants to adopt technology especially that plays an important role in health and the environment. Therefore, go for reputable brands to buy the best ionic air purifier. Here we elaborate on the features and specifications of our top 7 picks for a best ionic air purifier, some factors to consider while buying it, top rated brands, and their respective worth buying features.

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