The Eight Best Mini-Freezer of 2021

It is important to maintain the freshness of food because some foods become stale quickly, so you need to be careful to keep them fresh for a long time. In this situation, refrigerators are the best to keep food fresh. However, they can’t be taken to different places because of the weight and size. In the era of technology, as technology grows, it makes life easier day by day. The rise in the number of small appliances over past years is also due to technology. Mini-freezers are one of the most selling small appliances in the world as they don’t use many floors, so these are very popular among people for hostels, hotels, offices, and even at home if you don’t have much space for storage. It is also a good choice for those homes that need more space to store frozen food than the standard kitchen freezer offers. The adjustable thermostat is a key component that also helps you to vary the temperature depending upon the needs and weather conditions. 

Fortunately, there is a wide range of mini freezers present on the market. Having these options makes the division challenging to decide on the right product for your needs and available spaces. This post reviews the best mini freezer and some important factors you should consider while purchasing. So read on to learn more;

Our List of the Best Mini Freezer 

Magic Chef MCUF3S2
Check Price
Midea Compact FreezerCheck Price
Danby Upright Freezer ReviewsCheck Price
Costway Compact Undercounter FreezerCheck Price
Midea Whs-65lb1dorm Room FreezerCheck Price
Homelabs Mini Fridge With Glass Door Check Price
Sunpentown Mini Freezer With LockCheck Price
Whynter Mini Freezer With LockCheck Price

1. Magic Chef MCUF3S2


Highlighted features

  • A magic chef stand-up freezer has a stainless steel door with a back cabinet to provide a trendy look.
  • Due to the wire shelves, the loading and removal of things are easy.
  • With the wide range of temperatures, you can set your desired one according to your needs.
  • The compact design of the magic chef stand-up freezer best suits your offices and homes.

According to the magic chef mini fridge reviews, it is the best mini freezer that can easily fit into any small spot in your office or home. So if you are looking for compact mini freezers, then this one is a limited budget supply according to your needs. This black compact freezer with stainless steel door provides it a sleek look and makes it durable. The built-in wire shelves allow you to store foods and drinks in separate compartments.

Additionally, this mini fridge storage includes a magic chef mini fridge freezer door with a flexible indoor regulator, empowering you to save all things in an ideal temperature setting. Moreover, we also like the dorm room freezer model’s defrost feature as it works on cleaning and maintenance.  If you need a ton of room saving to do, you should do it in style. What’s more, with this unit set up, you could do both (save space and show off!) and cut down on your power consumption.

  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of temperature settings
  • Standard reversible door with wire shelves
  • One of the energy-efficient mini fridges
  • Decent product but a little bit loud

2. Midea Compact Freezer


Highlighted features

  • energy efficient small refrigerator
  • It has separate compartments for fruits and veggies. 
  • Midea compact freezer has reversible doors that can open from left to right and also has adjustable legs. 
  • This energy star mini fridge with freezer also has interior light with a partial defrost feature.

This Midea compact freezer is a double door freezer that fits your kitchen counter or is easily placed in the living room. In addition to this, if you frequently have visitors over at your place, you presently don’t need to restock your cooler as this high-efficiency mini fridge gives 3.1 cubic feet of predominant cold storage.

Aside from that, you also have the advantage of separating your edibles as you have two separate compartments available to you. That way, you can keep frozen yogurt and other frozen foods on the top part and put meat, vegetables, organic products, and cooked things in the lower space. You can customize the cooler entryways and appreciate simpler access each time you need to snatch something from the refrigerator quickly. However, that is not all, as this mini fridge storage accompanies a different cabinet for vegetables and a light. Both straightforward yet shrewd increases that you’ll appreciate over the long run.

      • Offers draw for fruits and veggies
    • energy star mini fridge with freezer
    • Space for more storage 
    • Allows space segregation
    • Comes with an interior light
  • Constant humming sound

3. Danby Upright Freezer Reviews


Highlighted Features

  • Danby is an energy star mini fridge with a freezer
  • It offers two quick freezer shelves and three-door shelves.
  • Danby upright freezer reviews show that it comes with a defrost manual program mechanical thermostat.

Danby is a well-reputed brand on Amazon and offers the best energy star mini fridge with freezers. If you have a large family and you suffer from storage problems, then this mini freezer on amazon with 4.2 cubic feet capacity is an ideal option for you. This is also the best buy mini fridge with a freezer for those living in small compartments or trailers because they can use this as their main fridge.

The integrated door with ergonomic design makes this energy-efficient small refrigerator a sleek finish. This cooler’s worktop is scratch-safe; hence, you can use this dorm room freezer as a countertop if you are tight for space. This element again settles on an extraordinary decision for students and those living in small apartments who can generally use an extra countertop.

The cooler has two quick-freeze racks and three-door racks, making it effectively adaptable as per your requirements. Another helpful component I love is that the door pivots are reversible; you can switch them around at whatever point you need. This Danby is also called a defrosting mini fridge freezer because of its manual defrost feature, so you can get rid of that pesky ice without compromising on the storage.

  • Easy to set the mechanical thermostat
  • Scratch resistance worktop
  • Zero degrees Fahrenheit reachable
  • high-efficiency mini fridge
  • Manual defrost

4. Costway Compact Undercounter Freezer


Highlighted Features

    • compact mini freezers have a stainless steel door, and a black cabinet provides it a sleek look.
    • It offers temperature ranges from -8 degrees to 7 degrees so that you can adjust the range according to your needs.
    • Costway compact under-counter freezer features a removable slide-out shelf made up of chrome that provides a better way to store food.
    • The manual deep frost feature helps to clean the freezer.
  • high-efficiency mini fridge

Costway compact door freezer is a three cubic feet mini fridge with a frost-free freezer that is ideal for small families and even students. The outside of the micro freezer is made of treated steel and resembles a brilliant dark cabinet. Hence it is not difficult to coordinate this extraordinarily smooth and present-day-looking unit with your stylistic kitchen layout.

The freezer is an upstanding kind and needsn’t bother with help from the back to stand straight. This high-efficiency mini-fridge consumes almost no space and is ideal for individuals who have tiny kitchens. The flat back design is also helpful in saving space. There are also two chrome removable shelves that make this micro-freezer sophisticated and allow you more functionality and sophistication. There is a manual temperature control (movable temperature) thermostat situated within the freezer. You can handle the temperature between – 8 degrees and 7 degrees Fahrenheit, as indicated by the food you are putting away inside.

The legs of the freezer are movable so that you can put it even in an unequal setting. I particularly love this component since I have lived in spaces where it is difficult to track down a level surface to place your freezer. The door handle is recessed, and there is a manual defrost feature to keep the freezer spotless and liberated from ice.

  • Durable
  • Chrome finish shelves
  • Scratch-free worktop
  • mini countertop freezer with Silent operation
  • No real negatives as such

5. Midea Whs-65lb1dorm Room Freezer



Highlighted Features

  • One of the energy star mini-refrigerators.
  • Offers one year warranty
  • a compact freezer has reversible doors that can open from left to right and also has adjustable legs.
  • However, ample storage space is excellent at chilling beverages, however not best for frozen foods and making ice-cubes.

For students who have a shortage of money or space in their rooms, this mini-shaped fridge is an ideal decision. Most think it’s an ideal dorm room freezer and has barely sufficient space for a few regular tidbits, a 2-liter jug, and around four soft drink jars.

You can put about six apples in the base or a portion of bread in two or three sauce bottles. The rack can take two 500ml milk containers set on top of one another, with some lunchbox space. This college dorm freezer occupies a touch of the room. There’s a drip tray under it, yet this is a decent area to store some dairy if sealed in a container. Box tends to frost up quickly, and it’s not cold enough to make ice solid shapes or keep frozen food varieties, other than frozen yogurts and chocolates. This energy-efficient small refrigerator comes in three colors, yet the dark model is the least expensive.

    • mini countertop freezer
    • low energy mini fridge
    • best buy dorm fridge
  • Frost up easily

6. Homelabs Mini Fridge With Glass Door 


Highlighted Features

  • It features a stainless steel frame with a glass door. The white LED interior light helps you to select your favorite drink at night.
  • This mini freezer with a glass door comes with three removable chrome shelves for easy storage.
  • With the advanced temperature control feature, you are able to select and monitor the temperature.
  • It is ideal for offices, schools, drooms, and kitchens. You can also use this as a compact commercial freezer.

Home labs mini freezer with glass door is ideal for storing 12-ounce cans, but with the three chrome shelves and rack slots, it can be adopted to a variety of can sizes. You can also use this micro-freezer as a single zone refrigerator, so an ideal option for small bars. At just less than 34 inches high, it fits effectively under the counter, even though it will, in any case, require sufficient space for ventilation.

This home-lab micro-freezer has a couple of decent additional items, including a programmed door light, automatic defrosting, and temperature memory work if the force is cut. They take care to bundle their items well, so there are not many reports of delivery damage.

    • micro freezer with adjustable shelves
    • LED show light
  • mini freezer with glass door
  • Automatic door light
  • Doors are irreversible

7. Sunpentown Mini Freezer With Lock


Highlighted Features

  • Sunpentown mini fridge storage is easy because you can easily fit it on your counter.
  • With an adjustable thermostat, you can manage the temperature range from 0 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Reversible door with a key and lock feature.

Sunpentown mini freezer with lock is the best mini freezer with its sleek look and lightweight. This black compact freezer only occupies about 1.1 cubic feet of space, making it the best for those who have a shortage of space. If you are a student and looking for an option, this college dorm freezer is for you. This college freezer’s temperature can attain about zero degrees Fahrenheit so you can save meat, ice cream, and frozen foods without any worry.

It has a flush back design that further saves space. The outer surface is made of black stainless steel and polish packaging, exceptionally providing this a decent look. The handle of the mini freezer with a lock is recessed, another very ergonomic design. It also features a lock and manual defrost capacity to dispose of the ice. There is a thermostat and a reversible door to help increment the adaptability of this black compact freezer. A wire rack accompanies the energy-efficient mini-fridges, which can be eliminated depending on the situation.

  • energy efficient mini fridges
  • mini fridge freezer with lock
  • It can be used as a countertop fridge
  • Bit louder

8. Whynter Mini Freezer With Lock


Highlighted Features

  • Whynter upright mini freezer weights about 44 lbs and can accommodate about 2.0cubic feet capacity.
  • The flush back design of this micro-freezer lets it fit well in the corner.
  • The stainless steel exterior provides it a sleek and sophisticated look.
  • It offers two removable wire shelves for easy storage.

It is the most trusted brand in the fridges, and this one has no exceptions. The stainless steel body provides it a sophisticated look and also allows for an easy cleaning process. This mini freezer with a lock has an independent structure which implies that it does not need external support for standing upright. You don’t have to put this micro-freezer against a divider or corner to give balance. However, it implies that you need to allow some space behind the refrigerator’s back to permit freedom. Try not to place the unit flush against any surface.

The reversible door feature lets you open left or right according to your need. It also comes with two removable shelves that let you customize it according to the storage things. Whynter micro freezer also comes with a lock and key so that it provides protection. This lock will help you stay free of worries like stolen food when you’re living in a dormitory. So if you are looking for the best mini freezer, then this one is perfect for you.

    • best buy a compact fridge
    • energy star certified chest freezer
    • mini freezer with lock
  • Needs clearance from the back

Buying Guide for the Best Mini Freezer

Deciding the best mini freezer is similar to the best freezers. While purchasing, you have to consider the various features so that you will satisfy your needs. If you want to buy a mini freezer and, in particular, the best mini freezer, consider the following factors. Read on to learn;


Before searching for the best mini freezer, first, you should be aware of the different types of mini freezers and know which one is right for you. There are four main types these are as follow;

  • Upright Freezers

It comes with smaller footprints which make them ideal for narrow spaces. The size number of shelves sometimes increases small drawers that keep foods organized and easier to find. Many designs feature an autonomic defrost system to prevent the unit from excess ice and even if the door is opened and closed many times in a day. But there is one drawback that it doesn’t stay quiet. 

  • Chest Freezers

It is a hinged lid freezer that lifts open. Chest mini fridge storage is very significant so that you can hold a significant amount of food. Many models include baskets to allow quick access. In contrast with upright freezers, chest freezers are the best choice for long-term use. It will keep foods colder for as long in case the power goes out. 

  • Drawer Freezers

Drawer freezers are regularly necessary for a fridge/freezer unit. Contrasted with the design of a standard cooler/freezer, in which the freezer is close to or over the fridge, these models highlight the freezer cabinet at the base of the unit under the fridge. The cabinet pulls open to reveal the unit underneath the refrigerator. Space often includes dividers and may even flaunt a diverse plan to make it simpler to arrange food varieties. This is the most common on standard size freezer models, so that it may be a bit challenging to find the best mini freezer.

  • Portable Freezers

A 12 volts battery powers them. These offer an ideal solution to keep the foods frozen while you are traveling. Many models also include AC adapters for indoor uses making them more versatile. But the negative aspect of this type is they are the smallest mini freezers so that they won’t hold as much food. 


While choosing the best mini freezer, it is important to know where you want to place it. For example, a chest freezer is the best small refrigerator for a garage, bedroom, or office.

In case you’re buying a mini freezer for an office, media room, or another space where visitors are probably going to visit, think about the general look and plan of each model. Choosing a sleek stainless steel model or one that intently organizes with the stylistic layout in the space may help the freezer look like it belongs in the room instead of being a blemish.

Size and Storage Capacity

It is also an essential feature while buying a mini freezer. The capacity of a freezer is estimated in cubic feet. The quantity of cubic feet is determined by multiplying the length, width, and profundity (recorded in feet) of the freezer. For example, a freezer that is 2 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and 2 feet deep have a limit of 8 cubic feet.

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient freezer utilizes less energy than standard models. This can bring about lower energy bills while additionally restricting your environmental footprints. Energy Star Certified freezers are models that burn-through in any event 10% less energy than the minimum government guidelines for efficiency. An Energy Star-certified freezer can lessen energy bills by up to $195 more than five years.

Temperature Controls

Temperature controls on a freezer are fundamental. The FDA prescribes a freezer’s temperature to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, as this temperature guarantees that microorganisms can’t develop and consider safe food stockpiling. However, you might need to have the option to change the temperature of the mini freezer depending on what you store in it, so tracking down a model with this feature is important.

Additional Features

If you demand more, then consider these additional features on the model;

Door locks: if you want to prevent things from children, then this feature is essential.

Adjustable/removable shelves: this feature allows you to adjust the storage space according to your needs. 

Baskets: some models provide baskets to organize items or provide quick access to specific items. 

Power lights: it indicates that the unit is working correctly. This prevents the need to make the way to check if the freezer is working, which can build energy efficiency by not allowing cold air to get away. It also makes it simpler to quickly confirm if the freezer is working simply by taking a glance at it.


Different mini freezer models have different sizes depending upon the storage capacity. Therefore, from 1 cubic foot to 3.5 cubic feet, you will get different options according to your requirements. Besides the best mini freezers, we will also provide a high energy efficient mini refrigerator so you can choose your desire and use them either in the gym, game, RVs, and much more. With hope, you will find our guide helpful please let us know by commenting below. Happy shopping!