Cheapest Price For Best Push Mower Under 300 – Top 7 Picks

The objective of discussion on the matter of best push mower under 300 is to acknowledge you about the modern machinery electronic devices within your budget. These best cheap push mower are very valuable as they transformed the old manners of living entirely.

Usually, we have a non-motorized lowest priced self propelled lawn mower, which requisite human power to perform its work. All we require is to thrust that lawn mower lowest price and sharp edge cut the grass. Even though, these best cheap self propelled lawn mower is worthy of working in a small plot or small meadow. But, the work turns into a problem for individuals having huge size patches or grasslands at hills. As a result, you must accept the machinery that helps to create human work a stress-free working.

A modern motor-powered and power appliance reinforced the best value lawn mowers has engaged the home of non-motorized cheapest self propelled lawn mower. These motorized best priced lawn mowers have extraordinary specifications. In addition, the extra dominant motor of best self propelled mower for the money will cut the meadow on bumpy and chaotic spaces. Hence, you don’t require to apply power over slant hills. These best inexpensive self propelled lawn mower are suggested for the average size to huge size patches and hilly land or sharp rises.  Here we enlisted the top 7 best push mower under 300 on the basis of the market claim and customer evaluations

Top 7 Best Push Mower Under 300

1. Green Work Cordless Lawn Mover
Check Price
2. WORX Power Share Push MowerCheck Price
3. Power Smart Push Mover (DB8621-P)Check Price
4. Lawn Boy Self Propelled Push MoverCheck Price
5. Black & Decker Cordless Push MowerCheck Price
6. Sun Joe Cordless Lawn Mover (ION-16LM)Check Price
7. CRAFTSMAN Gas Powered Push Lawn MowerCheck Price

1. Green Work Cordless Lawn Mover

  • It has a dual battery storage partition.
  • It is easy to store in a vertical position.
  • This good cheap lawn mower consumes 40 volt battery power source.
  • The best self propelled mulching lawn mower for sheer hills
  • For easy moving, the front wheel is 6 inches while the back wheel is of 7 inches.

This cordless best push mower under 300 is an extremely sturdy 21 inches steel deck. You can place an additional battery in its extra space for the battery room. This best mulching push mowers have a 3 in 1 cutting structure that permits you to select bagging, mulching or side discharge options.

Above all, it has a solitary pedal that’s the height that can alter with seven various settings. The battery, once fully charged, can work for 45 minutes. This best gas lawn mower under 300 can cut all types of grass. In addition, Green works are one of the renowned brands due to its informal function low price lawn mowers.

WORX Power Share Push Mower

  • This is a very powerful 4 wheel drive best lawn mowers under $300.
  • This big wheel best lawn mower for the price can easily cut any rough surface.
  • You can cut grass of 5500 square feet area on 1 complete charge.
  • It has a changeable lever up to 3 levels.
  • This best value push mower allows you 3 in 1 cutting height.
  • The battery sometimes not work well.

Let me introduce you to the best lawn mowers under 300 that is Worx Power Share Push Mower.

This machine is the perfect solution for your steep lawn. This push mover requires a 40 volt battery.

Moreover, according to many users, this best push mower under 300 is smart cutting machinery that has some features that protect your battery from excessive usage. With the help of its ergonomic handle, you will not feel any pain in the palm and no tiredness while driving it. The height of the handle is changeable according to your height.

On one complete charge, this cheap self propelled mower can cut the area of 5500 square feet. An additional useful feature of cheap self propelled mower is that it is easily portable as it weighs only 35 pounds.

Above all, the brand also offers a standard charger for charging the batteries.

Power Smart Push Mover (DB8621-P)

  • It is best gas lawn mower under 300
  • This best cheap gas lawn mower has 5 different cutting settings for height.
  • It is the best 3 in 1 push mover (bag, discharge, and mulching)
  • With the ergonomic handle, it is easy to grip.
  • Sometimes, it requires more power to push.
  • This best cheap gas lawn mower has a larger 21 inches cutting path.
  • This mover produces less noise while working.

If you are searching for a push mover that operates with the gas, then Power Smart has solved this problem. This inexpensive gas lawn mowers is the first gas push mower that comes with a mulching bag. With its 21 inch cutting path, you can quickly cut the grass.

Moreover, this inexpensive gas lawn mowers has 5 different cutting heights settings. With different cutting height settings, you can use it in different ways. Its large hind wheels are capable of moving easily on any type of grass.

As compared with others, this cheap but good lawn mowers are a little bit heavier as it weighs 66 pounds.

Lawn Boy Self Propelled Push Mover

  • It has 6 different cutting height settings.
  • This is the gas operated best lawn mowers for the price.
  • Have a great bag storage capacity.
  • Its handle is hard, so sometimes hand feel pain.
  • It is the low emission cheap and best lawn mower.
  • The company offers 3 years warranty without any charges.
  • It is the best budget self propelled lawn mower for steep banks

Let us introduce to you the best cheap lawn mowers for rough topography; then, this Lawn Boy Self Propelled Push Mover is incredibly the best option for you.

This rear wheel drives best low cost lawn mower is also powered on gas. Its rear wheels are connected with motor. It will offer you comprehensive control of your actions and movements. The back tires are self-propelled brings you a stable grip.

Moreover, this cheap self propelled lawn mowers allows 6 different cutting height settings. With its 21 inches big cutting deck, it covers a big area while cutting. This lawn boy best push lawn mowers under 300 have low emission and are the best inexpensive push mower operated by gas.

In addition, it has a 3 cut system that makes sure exceptional protecting capabilities. Furthermore, the volume of this best push mower under 300 to clutch the grassland trash is quite big

Black & Decker Cordless Push Mower

  • It has improved ergonomically handles.
  • It has a cutting deck of 20 inches.
  • The battery life is less.
  • The winged blades offer improved cutting power than an ordinary blade.
  • This best push mower under 300 offers 3 years warranty.
  • The larger rugged wheel moves easily in dense grass.
  • This is the best 3 in 1 best economical lawn mower.

This is a popular brand for the manufacturing of different house hold electronic appliances.

This best lawn mower low price is a cordless push mower. Its handles are easy to grip as they are designed according to the rules of ergonomics. The grips have a rubber covering for making them anti-slip.

The winged blades of this best budget lawn mowers show 30% better working performance than an ordinary blade. These blades have more cutting power than an ordinary blade. As it is cordless push mover, so press the start button, and inexpensive self propelled lawn mowers are ready.

Furthermore, these good inexpensive lawn mowers have 20 inches cutting deck that allows you to cut grass ranging from 1-1/2 to 4 inches.

Its large rugged wheel allows this good cheap push mowers to move and cut the dense grass. This electric best self propelled mower under $300 needs no gas attachment for working.

Sun Joe Cordless Lawn Mover (ION-16LM)

  • This best self propelled lawn mowers under 300 works with a dual battery system.
  • Its powerful brushless battery increases working efficiency.
  • This is the best lawn mower for price to be used for medium sized yard.
  • It has 6 different cutting height settings.
  • It is approved by ELT.
  • The bag can store 9.25 gallons of grass.
  • It is easy to grip with ergonomic handles.

Sun Joe Cordless Lawn Mover is an electric mower that has a dual battery hub. This will surely increase the run time of the best lawn mower under 300 dollars. The mower can cut an area of 5,000 square feet at a time. For better utility, this mover has a mulching bag.

According to the company, the batteries are not included in the pack, so they have to purchase the batteries separately.  Furthermore, if we use these best push mowers under 300 on the wet grass, then surely it will reduce the battery working time.

CRAFTSMAN Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

  • It is the best push mower under 300.
  • This gas powered lawn mower has a cutting deck of 14 inches.
  • Its T style handle comes up with rubber grip.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The blades remain sharp for a longer period.
  • Being manual, it sometimes exhausts you.
  • This manual good cheap lawn mower requires less maintenance.

If you are searching for a gas powered best cheap push mower for grass cutting, then purchase the Great States Push Reel Lawn Mower. This is the best push mover under $300 for the money. According to the company, this is the manual gas powered mower, so you power it completely by hand. It has a cutting deck of 14 inches that allows you to cut a height range of ½ to 1¾ inches.

Moreover, the blades of this manual best lawn mowers under $300 are made with treated alloy steel. These blades stay sharp for a longer period. The handles are covered with rubber grips that make it to grip it with moderately comfortable.

Buying Guide for Best Push Mower Under 300

You have read the important features of push mover’s different products.  Now let us tell you to learn more about what to consider to find out the lawn mower lowest price for your needs.

Type Power Source of best push mower under 300:

The power source is a very point to consider. Usually, 3 types of powers come across best value lawn mowers, and each source has its own strengths and weaknesses.


If you consider pure efficiency than gas movers are almost the most powerful. Such movers are mostly self-propelled. Sometimes, in the cold season, they are difficult to start. Because they usually use pull cords and sometimes difficult to start. Gas operated best self propelled mulching lawn mower produces noise.


Electric lawn movers similarly to gas units, but the difference is that they don’t produce emissions. A mover with powerful battery works for almost 30-45 minutes at their maximum power. In addition, electric movers are usually beneficial for uneven yards like in hills.

Manual Power

If you are searching for a cheap best mulching push mowers, then manually powered movers are the best for you. Most importantly, these best lawn mower for the price are powered by you as you push them, they move forward and activates the blades. However, cutting grass by the manual low price lawn mowers is the hardest way because such push mover fully exhausts you.


Other than a power source, you should consider the price while purchasing the best budget push mower. Although all units are available at an affordable price, yet there is is a difference in the price range.

Cutting Heights

This is also an important point to consider. Although, most push mowers cut grass at a single height. But now some best cheap self propelled lawn mower allows you to cut the grass of varying heights. This will be helpful to give a customized look to your lawn.

Cutting Deck

The cutting deck is the length of the cutting blade. The bigger the cutting deck, the faster you will finish your work as more areas will be cut down in a single pass.

Mostly the cutting deck available in a range of 21-24 inches.

Best Push Mover Brands

It is important to mention some trustworthy brands in this regard as market competition make it quite difficult for us to decide the right brand.

Great States -Push Reel Lawn Mover

If you are seeking a high quality best push mower under 300, then the CRAFTSMAN   has solved this problem. This is because the best value push mower of this brand is manufactured with safety, quality, and keeping in mind the comfort of the user. Moreover, this brand has attained a great market due to its portable, durable, and high quality best lawn mowers under 300.

Sun Joe-Cordless Lawn Mover (ION-16LM)

Sun Joe is one of the most demanding brands in the market. The reason is that it offers the best push mower under 300 in a large variety. It provides a compact and portable designed Cordless push mowers. In addition, the best thing about its cheap and best lawn mower is that it allows you to cut the grass at a different height. Its ergonomic handle allows you a firm and solid grip.

Black & Decker-Cordless Push Mower

The series launched by Black & Decker is famous due to its easy to grip movers and ergonomic handles.  If you are searching for the best price on self propelled lawn mowers for your yard, then go for the Black & Decker brand. With the help of specially designed blades, movers of thus brand can easily pull the dense grass.


I hope you will find this buyer’s guide very helpful because we have summarized all the necessary information that will help you to find the best push mover under 300. Remember, when you are shopping, our buying guide will be helpful and allow you to limit your search to buy the best push mower under 300 that meets your requirements.