Ultimate Guideline To Buy The Best Tattoo Starter Kit For Your Business

Greetings! Today we will be showing the list and details of the best tattoo starter kit for your business. Tattoo drawing or becoming a tattoo artist is becoming one of the most adopted professions in western countries.

More and more people are converging towards the profession through buying low quality best starter tattoo kits because the demand is increasing. But the fact is that not everyone who wishes to join this profession can be good at this. You might face many difficulties at the start, but not to worry, we are here to help with them. We will be providing you the list of best starter tattoo kits so that you can choose from the wide variety and be able to adopt this profession quickly.

This profession requires skills of both being an artist and a dermatologist to know to deal with skin. If you don’t know how to use a device on human skin, you might end up giving skin infections or allergies to the person performing a treatment. This is where these best starter tattoo kits will come in. Each best tattoo starter kit will help by providing everything that you need to have for starting a tattoo business. So, without wasting any further time, let us see what best rotary tattoo starter kits are there in the market.

Top 7 Tattoo Starter Kits

Solong Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit TK453
Check Price
Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo MachineCheck Price
Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face TattooCheck Price
Wormhole Tattoo Kit TK033Check Price
YILONG Starter Tattoo Kit (KIT 1)Check Price
AW Professional Complete Tattoo KitCheck Price
Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit ProCheck Price

Solong Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit TK453

Solong Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit TK453

  • This best starter tattoo machine contains all the items that are needed for a perfect startup.
  • It has 4 Tattoo guns that provide both linear and shader texture.
  • It also has an LCD digital power supply to provide a vast amount of power with the clips cord.
  • There is a wide variety of colors as it comes with a complete set of 54 bottles full of colors with each bottle having 5ml color.
  • This kit is perfect for practice as the colors are all positive and can be easily removed in case of any mistake.
  • Fifty tattoo needles, hundred ink cups, ten grips, and ten tips, and many more accessories are included in this pack.
  • There is a tattoo machine with every kit to pour the ink on the skin.

So, in the first position, we have this best starter tattoo machine, which is quite affordable and unique. It offers what it costs. It is very affordable and contains a complete kit of what you need to get started in this creative business. You might’ve heard the quotation that practice makes a man perfect.

Well, the maker of this best tattoo starter kit has taken the quote pretty seriously and made this start up tattoo kit for intense practice. It contains four tattoo machine guns that provide liner and shader texture. These guns help you to create compositions that might be linear or shader. Linear surface means that the tattoo is made with durable and direct lines, while the shader means a shading effect on the symbol or art you are creating.

In addition to that, it has 54 color bottles that can be easily removed in case of any mistake. These color bottles have simple but little unique colors that can be applied to the human skin. The color of these best starter tattoo machine holds easily with the skin and can be sterilized with gamma rays. Moreover, it has fifty needles, ten tattoo tips, ten grips, and a hundred ink cups. All these accessories are provided in a less and affordable budget.


Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo Machine

Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo Machine

  • It has a DC motor for operation and maximum stability and control.
  • This best tattoo starter kit for beginners operates very smoothly and almost makes no noise at all.
  • It has durability, which helps the device to last longer.
  • It has a lightweight body to increase the control and stability of the device.
  • It has a unique feature that allows the user to control the depth of the needle.
  • It operates on a 6 to 9 volts energy provided through a corded wire connection.

This best tattoo starter kit includes an Atom pen with DC cord clip, a power cable, twenty pieces of assorted cartridge needles, and a foot pedal. Well, this kit is based on the cartridge tattoo making technique. It includes items designed for beginners, but professionals can also use this machine to get better results. Features of the best tattoo starter kit for beginners include a cartridge tattoo machine that operates through a DC motor.

This DC motor provides the ability to run continuously for hours without any trouble. This device makes almost no noise and is designed for long-lasting operations. In addition to that, this best tattoo starter kit for beginners is very lightweight, unlike the other tattoo starter kits with fake skin, which highly increases the stability and control on the device, reducing the chances of an error while making beautiful art.

As the device works on cartridge techniques, you can change the needles for different textures and effects. This best tattoo starter kit for beginners is compatible to work with any kind of needle. You can rotate the machine grip to alter the depth of the needle for better and precise drawing. It is mighty and secure and is available for both direct and shading purposes. This tattoo artist starter kit only requires 6 to 9 volts of energy.


Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo

Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo

  • This best tattoo starter kit is excellent for people at any level like a beginner, apprentice, or professional.
  • It includes four tattoo guns, an instruction manual, ten coils, seven bottles of tattoo ink colors, and much more.
  • It has seven distinct and radiant colors that are preferably the best for practice purposes.
  • It has all the supplies needed to start up a tattoo artist business. This kit will surely help you get to the professional level in no time.
  • It comes with a carrying case, needles, power supply, grips, gloves, and many more items to give you a kick start at becoming a professional tattoo artist.
  • Suppliers provide a 6-months warranty on the power supply and tattoo machine gun, which is a quite rare offer regarding electronic kits.

These best tattoo starter kits provide the best experience with all its features. Every item in this kit offers a comfortable experience. This kit has all the things you want to become a professional. It has four tattoo machine guns, which can be used to draw any kind of effect, style, or design on any skin. Sometimes a tattoo artist has to keep in mind or consider the surface of the other person.

Because many people have rough skin that needs a little hard pinch to apply any kind of style on it, best tattoo starter kits come with a complete set of manuals that would guide you on how you can use this device even if you don’t have any experience. These manuals will help you become a professional in almost no time.

This best tattoo starter kit comes with seven colors that provide the glossiest effects and beautiful texture. Another most advanced feature that can help you boost up your experience is that it has a carrying case that will help you built up a portable shop, which means that you can provide services whether you are in the shop or somewhere else. All you need to do is just to have these best tattoo starter kits.


Wormhole Tattoo Kit TK033

Wormhole Tattoo Kit TK033

  • It is one of the cheap beginner tattoo kits on our list.
  • It has a unique feature that the packaging is made up of aluminum boxes, which might be suitable for gifts to friends.
  • There is no compromise on the quality of this tattoo gun starter kit amazon as it comes with a clamp cable and foot pedal, which provides quick and accurate power supply.
  • It has an LED digital power supply that provides continuous energy for maximum output.
  • It does support upgrades for working time, battery life, and many other features
  • This best tattoo starter kit is very safe to use as there is no chance of any sparking or energy leakage.
  • This kit has everything to get you started with your new business or to boost up your existing business.
  • It includes a tattoo machine, ink, needles, clamp, foot pedal, power supply, and many more.

It has all you need in one packaging so that you don’t have to search for the other items of your concern. Each and everything needed to get going is included in this one package. It has aluminum packaging that can be used for gift packing and other stuff. These cheap beginner tattoo kits are perfect for beginners as it comes in with a complete guideline manual and tutorials.

It has a foot pedal and clamp cable to maximize the control and provide quick and fast working. It does operate on a kernel, which might require regular updates for efficient functioning. Moreover, the main and the most crucial feature of this tattoo kit for beginners is that it provides extreme safety.

It provides a complete guarantee on any kind of power leakage or energy sparks, making it completely safe and secure. As mentioned previously, these cheap beginner tattoo kits are one of the most affordable pieces on our list. It might be clear now that so many features at a price below $50 are a perfect deal to make.


YILONG Starter Tattoo Kit (KIT 1)

YILONG Starter Tattoo Kit (KIT 1)

  • This best tattoo starter kit is another beginner’s kit that can be used for practice purposes.
  • It has one machine which has a high conductivity copper coil.
  • It works on a frequency of 120HZ.
  • It does contain five needles that are used to draw the design on the skin.
  • These needles can be sterilized with chemicals to prevent skin infections.
  • It has five pieces of disposable tips which can be replaced for better effects.
  • There are 10pcs of ink cups of different colors to choose from.

These cheap tattoo gun starter kits come in with ten different color ink bottles. These colors are exact in action and best for practice purposes. Because these colors are specially designed to come off quickly if the style goes wrong, these colors are deployed on the skin by a tattoo machine that has obtained energy through high conductivity copper coils. Copper coils are one of the most used and pure conductors nowadays electric equipment.

They are preferred over any other conductors for energy because the loss of power is shallow. These cheap tattoo gun starter kits are designed brilliantly to ensure the possibility of both linear and shading uniforms. The machine runs on 120HZ frequency, providing a smooth and practical working experience. There are five needles included in this kit for you, which helps you create beautiful designs on the skin.

These needles have a specialty that they can be sterilized before use. Sterilization is an essential procedure because the skin being a human body part is very sensitive to any allergens or germs. If the equipment is not clean enough, it will cause infections. So, this feature of sterilization is also essential in any best tattoo starter kit. Moreover, it includes five pieces of high quality but disposable tips to help you perform better.


AW Professional Complete Tattoo Kit

AW Professional Complete Tattoo Kit

  • This best tattoo starter kit is made only for practice purposes.
  • It has four stainless steel professional tattoo guns that can provide both direct and shading effects.
  • It only has inks that have to be used for practice purposes only. All the other equipment can be applied professionally with the help of a few other professional items.
  • It can be used by any level artist to enhance or to practice their skills.
  • It has a traveling case which makes it perfect for carrying and compatible for home service business.

These are another affordable and economically used cheap tattoo guns starter kits for beginners. It is designed for beginners, but it can be used by professionals also. It only has ink that is advised to be used only for practice purposes. The reason behind this is that this ink can be easily removed under simple treatment, which might not be suitable for you if you are trying to be a professional in this field or your client wants a permanent tattoo, which is, of course, the demand nowadays.

This best tattoo starter kit includes four coils wrapped professional tattoo stainless steel guns which provides both the linear and shader mode, one professional carrying box to carry the whole package from one to the other, a 360 degrees convenient footswitch that controls the power supply, a high-quality LCD power system, stainless steel grip, steel tips, disposable tips with needles, an ink holder, almost hundred ink cups, user manual, and much more.

These cheap tattoo guns starter kits don’t weigh that much to be a problem to carry around. Its weight is only 10lbs.


Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit Pro

Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit Pro

  • It has the latest technology equipment and works fine.
  • It has a rotary tattoo machine for shading and linear drawings.
  • It is powered by its 10 watts motor, which provides a high rate of power and control on its big needle.
  • Package includes 20 pieces of needles with different sizes, five colored inks, disposable grips, and much more.
  • The source of power can vary accordingly because the machine supports both DC motor or direct cord power supply.
  • The link provided with this tattoo machine beginner kit is of low quality and cannot be used for professional services.

This best tattoo starter kit works on the latest technology in the world of tattoo art. This technology includes a rotatory machine instead of the previously used simple machines. Now this machine provides the most fantastic experience and control while drawing, also this machine offers the user to change the depth of the needle accordingly.

Another advanced feature of these cheap tattoo starter kits is that it can be powered through different sources depending on what is available to you. The package includes 20pcs of needles with different sizes and five color inks made only for practice purposes, grips, and much more. All this in a very exclusive and affordable price. These cheap tattoo starter kits might be the best option available for you if you want to kick start your business as a tattoo artist.


Buying Guide

So, we have discussed what is there in the store for you, but another critical thing to know before we end up the discussion is what factors you should consider before buying complete tattoo starter kits cheap like this or what brands to find.


The first thing to consider before buying such drawing tattoos for beginners is to know what items or equipment it has. Many good starter tattoo kits offer much less than what they cost. That’s why I always check what to expect before the arrival of the package.


Once you have reviewed a good beginner tattoo machine about what they provide, the next thing is to check the quality of the best tattoo starter kit. Well, it’s easy to figure out the exact condition of what the seller is offering by examining the reviews and searching about the brand.

Level of your skills

Another thing to consider is the tips for beginner tattoo artists. Well, it doesn’t mean reviewing yourself physically but checking the level of your skills and experience as it matters a lot. If you are a professional with good experience, then you should consider a product made, especially for professionals. But if you are a beginner at this job, then consider getting tips for beginning tattoo artists and a good starter tattoo machine that provides practice materials.


Brands to consider

Solong tattoo supplies

a solong tattoo kit is one of the most used packages in this business. This company is concentrated on making tattoo art-related products. They have solong tattoo kit, solong tattoo ink, solong tattoo gun, and solong tattoo machine in their collection for you, so that you could make a perfect solong tattoo.

Dragonhawk tattoo starter kit

Dragonhawk tattoo starter kit is another name of trusted service. Dragonhawk tattoo kits are guaranteed to boost up your business. They have more than just a dragonhawk tattoo kit to offer. Their collection also includes dragonhawk tattoo machine, dragonhawk rotary tattoo machine, dragonhawk tattoo ink, and dragonhawk tattoo gun.  All the dragonhawk tattoo supply will surely help you get a reasonable margin of profit.

YILONG Tattoo supply

Here we have another company which provides quality products. The amount by this company will surely help you to get going with your business and will surely boost up your sales in no time.



The conclusion of this discussion is to help you find the best tattoo starter kit. These good tattoo starter kits will surely help you get over the problem of lacking experience or skills. These kits will help you get enough experience to get you started with your own business in no time. All you need to have is just a person to practice, and one of these professional tattoo starter kits and you are good to go. All of these mentioned kits are available on AMAZON.com. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the site using our links and start shopping.


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