Guide to Buy Extra Large Rabbit Hutch – Outdoor & Indoor Pet Cages

Yes! You can find an extra large rabbit hutch over here! If you search it on Google as a “very large rabbit hutches” or “extra large indoor rabbit hutch,” then you will come to know that it is quite difficult to find a 6 inch animal hutches for sale. Either it appears in the search when you explore in the website it is quite small in size. Therefore, most people complain that they are not able to get big rabbit hutch for sale.

Here we researched specifically on the extra large rabbit hutch with runs available on Amazon. Amazon provides extra ordinary accessories regarding pet supplies, home improvement, electronics, and many others. One of the exciting product here we come up with “cheap large rabbit hutches”

Rabbit is the cutest creature to have at home. This little creature is quite interesting to see as it is a source of human nerves refreshment. Their fast rushes and jumps are really entertaining. Most of the people have a great collection of different colors and species of rabbits at homes. Here the need arises for the extra large rabbit hutches for sale both for indoor and outdoor purposes.

The large double rabbit hutch is quite huge in terms of size. Therefore, they take almost more than half of the space of the room if you place it indoors. Similarly, if you place a high quality rabbit hutch outside the room, then it should have strong water resistance to keep the pets safe and healthy.

Here we provide you top seven market picks of the extra large rabbit hutch, trusted brands to buy large double rabbit hutch, and factors to consider while buying cheap hutches for sale.


Top Extra Large Rabbit Hutch on Amazon

My Pet Companion Stilt House Rabbit Hutch, Brown
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Petsfit Bunny HutchCheck Price
Living World Rabbit HabitatCheck Price
Kaytee Level 2 Pet HabitatCheck Price
Ferplast Rabbit HutchCheck Price
Festnight Rabbit HutchCheck Price
Trixie Attic Rabbit HutchCheck Price

1. My Pet Companion Stilt House Rabbit Hutch, Brown



Highlighted Features:

  1. It is a beautiful 2 story rabbit hutch for sale.
  2. It has a pullout tray for easy cleaning.
  3. The frame is resistant to rot and insects.
  4. This is the best 2 tier rabbit hutch for 2 to 4 rabbits.
  5. It is a safe resting box for rabbits.

Rabbit is that pet that everyone loves and wants to have at home. Children love to play with rabbits.

For this, you need an extra large rabbit hutch so that other pets like cats and dogs don’t hurt them. Here we are introducing to you a very stylish looking white and red colored best rabbit hutch for 2 rabbits.

Furthermore, this outdoor rabbit hutch and run are constructed with beautiful Cypress Fir. This material is resistant to rot and insects. This means you don’t need to spray insecticides to prevent termites from eating and destroying the wood.

According to the company, this outdoor rabbit hutch sale looks like a small two-storey building. A ramp acts as a connector between both stories. The upper story is actually the enclosed nesting box where rabbits are safe and comfortable when they can relax and rest.

Moreover, the lower portion allows the rabbits to exercise and forage. These outside rabbit hutches for sale are placed directly on the ground.


2. Petsfit Bunny Hutch:


Highlighted Features:

  1. It has 3 doors with a locking mechanism.
  2. You can assemble it in a minute.
  3. This extra large rabbit hutch is coated with water based paint.
  4. It has an asphalt roof for maintaining a hutch temperature.
  5. This rabbit hutch for 3 rabbits is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Petsfit is a famous company that is considered as an expert company in the manufacturing of big bunny cages.  This Rabbit Hutch is the best option for your rabbits in terms of construction, aesthetics, and usability.

According to the company, this is a 2 story rabbit hutch for sale and consists of durable wooden pieces that are connected in a cinch. In order to maintain the temperature throughout the year, it has an asphalt roof. This roof is also waterproof.

Moreover, if you observe the design, you will notice that this best outdoor rabbit hutch offers a wider and sufficient space for your rabbits to live in. The upper portion is composed of rest and connected to a lower story with ramp.

In addition, this large rabbit hutch for two large rabbits has an easy pullout tray so that you feel easy to clean. It has overall 3 doors with a locking mechanism.


3. Trixie Attic Rabbit Hutch:


Highlighted Features:

  1. It is an extra large rabbit hutch and run for 2 to 4 small rabbits.
  2. It has a retreat area and a removable floor.
  3. The ramp is made non-skid.
  4. The wood used is not very durable.
  5. It has a hinged roof that can open for air.

This large outdoor rabbit hutch for sale has a unique design. The Trixie Rabbit Hutch has an upper floor retreat area, and a removable floor to boot. The attic structures a non-skid ramp. There is a hatch door that is made to restrict access between each level.

Moreover, the company has made a trap door that will be helpful to you if you want to restrict your rabbits in the upper level. This big outdoor rabbit hutch winter for rabbit has dimensions of 52.75*32.5*43.5 inches. The company claimed that this beautiful predator proof rabbit hutch is enough for 2 to 4 small rabbits.

Above all, many customer reviews tell us that this outdoor rabbit hutch for 2 rabbits is the right one for your tiny rabbits.


4. Living World Rabbit Habitat:


Highlighted Features:

  1. It is easy to assemble an extra large rabbit hutch.
  2. This big rabbit hutch for sale includes all necessary items like a feeding tray and water bottle.
  3. It is composed of durable and rust free wires.
  4. This rabbit hutch for sale cheap habitat has multiple doors.
  5. It also has a hideout balcony in case of danger.

The living world is a very famous brand in the manufacturing of a rabbit hutch for large rabbit. The pet house mentioned in this list is Rabbit Habitat. The company Living World has designed this dog proof rabbit hutch flawlessly.

The dimensions of this hutch are 37.8 (length)*22.4 (width) inches. In addition, the most important feature of this best rabbit hutch for 2 rabbits is that you don’t need to buy some accessories as it comes with all necessary items like a feeding dish, a water bottle, and a hay guard.

The company has composed the water bottle and the feeding dish secured to the wires, so that rabbits can’t spill them. You can also customize the cheap outdoor rabbit hutch designs by adding so many things.

Moreover, the outer wires are very durable as they come, so you need not worry about other big pets attacking rabbits.


5. Kaytee Level 2 Pet Habitat:


Highlighted Features:

  1. It is an extra-large easy clean rabbit hutches
  2. It has 2 doors.
  3. This large rabbit hutch for sale has caster wheels for easy movement.
  4. It is easy to clean extra large rabbit hutches for sale.
  5. This cage can be used for other pets.

Let us introduce you to an extra large rabbit hutch that is enough for 2 to 3 big rabbits.  Kaytee Level 2 pet habitat is 48 inches in length and perfectly designed for home pets.

Like it’s level 1 model, this model also has a hay buffet, a water bottle, and a food dish. The water bottle is very durable and leakproof. This habitat looks like a small house with all the necessary items for your rabbits.

Moreover, this fox proof rabbit hutch is designed with an extra-large door through which a normal height man easily enters this good quality rabbit hutch. The door has a small ramp that your rabbits will use to get out or get in. Other than the main door, there is a top access door for housing the high quality rabbit hutch.

Furthermore, the upper level is actually the rest room where your rabbits can stay and rest separately. There is a curved ramp that your rabbits can use to slide down in no time. It also has caster wheels, which lets you move it anywhere easily for cleaning.


6. Ferplast Rabbit Hutch:


Highlighted Features:

  1. This group is very airy as compared to others.
  2. It has a wider door through which you can easily enter the large double rabbit hutch
  3. It has a separate wooden house for resting.
  4. The large rabbit hutch with run and cover has a roof with hinges that can open.
  5. It includes all the necessary items like a feeding dish and water bottle.

In the list of famous brands, Ferplast is also a very renowned brand for its amazing large outdoor rabbit hutches for sale.

This outdoor rabbit hutch and run are 56 inches in length. This is the perfect choice for your bunnies if you think they need more space.

According to the company, this outdoor rabbit hutch sale has a patented base without any flares, a separate removable extension for separating one pet from the rest. Above all, the unique thing is that it has the widest door as compared to many other predator proof rabbit hutch. This wider door allows you to enter the cage for cleaning completely.

In addition, there is also a small dark room for resting as bunnies and rabbits love to rest in dark and cold places. The food bowl is designed in such a way that it never knocked down by the pet.


7. Festnight Rabbit Hutch:


Highlighted Features:

  1. The doors are provided with locks.
  2. It is built with premium quality pine wood.
  3. Zinc wire is used in windows to keep snakes away from the hutch.
  4. This outside rabbit hutches for sale is provided with hinges so that you can open the roof.
  5. Instead of 1, this hutch has 2 pullout trays.

The extra large rabbit hutch is Festnight Rabbit Hutch. With this rabbit hutch, you have 2 large living areas.

The main frame is constructed with the pine wood, while the iron wires are coated with a special powder that makes them resistant to rust for a longer period. The dimensions of this rabbit hutch in store are 76*19.7*39.8 inches.

Moreover, there are 2 windows for more ventilation. The wire used in the windows is composed of zinc to keep any bigger predators or snakes out. There is a warm, safe, and enclosed sleeping area on the second floor.

According to the company, this rabbit hutch set up is easy to clean with the help of a pullout tray and also composed of pine wood. When you want to assemble, you don’t need to worry about it as a complete instructional manual is provided by the company for its easy installation.

Factors to consider while buying an extra large rabbit hutch

Finding a large outdoor rabbit hutch for sale is not an easy task. Therefore, a bunny hutch with run must have the following main features.

Safety From Predators:

It is vital that your large rabbit hutch for sale should compose of strong wire mesh and wooden walls to protect the bunny from the attack of predators. You should look for fox proof rabbit hutch or dog proof rabbit hutch. As the rabbit has not much to protect themselves except to run. Thus, look for some strong and sturdy large outdoor rabbit hutch with run.


Buying the best outdoor rabbit hutch is quite an expensive investment for the pets. Therefore, you must make sure that the 3 story bunny cage can withstand weather changes such as rains, storms, or others.


The size of the cheap rabbit hutches for sale should be according to the number of rabbits and their sizes as well. This is because the rabbit needs proper space to jump and roll on. To keep them healthy and well groomed, it is important to provide them with proper space to play.

Easy to Clean:

As double hutches for rabbits are quite big and the same is about the number of rabbits. Thus, they bring a lot of messy areas all around. Therefore, look for a 2 in 1 rabbit hutch that is quite easy and simple to clean. It should not take a lot of time. A quick and accessible architecture should be preferred. So, you can clean it from time to time.


The thing that is important to consider while buying a big r rabbit hutch is that it should be manufactured with the material that is suitable for rabbits. As some cheap outdoor rabbit hutch are designed for other animals like chickens. Therefore, make it recheck that it is safe to be used for rabbits. As mesh flooring is deadly for rabbits but good for chickens.

Brands to Trust for Extra Large Rabbit Hutch:

As the market competition is quite high and manufacturers try their level best to launch their models with fully equipped features. Therefore, people become quite confused about which brand to choose from. Let us elaborate some trustworthy brands to buy cheap bunny hutches for sale.


Advantek- Stilt House Rabbit Hutch:Advantek Marketing Logo Vector - (.SVG + .PNG) - Logovtor.Com

If you want to give comfortable living space to your rabbits, then you must buy it from Advantek, the stilt house rabbit hutch. This brand has attained the market place due to its easy to clean design, fine protective wire all around, insect resistant, and beautiful eye catching large rabbit hutch outdoor.

Petsfit – Crates, Houses & Pens:

If you are looking for some interesting indoor cheap large rabbit hutches then this brand is perfect for you. This is because it provides a compact indoor design and outdoor cat houses. This is a great brand to go for the animal hutches for sale. You can get a compact, durable, sturdy, predators proof and easy clean rabbit hutches from this brand.

Trixie-2 story rabbit hutch:Trixie Logo / Industry /

An extra large rabbit hutch with exceptional features and specifications can be found by the brand name known as “Trixie.” It is a well-known brand due to its following models: Trixie 2 story rabbit hutch, Trixie 2-story rabbit hutch with attic – extra large, Trixie rabbit hutch with outdoor run and wheels, Trixie small animal hutch and others.


In conclusion, we know that you love your pets and want to provide them with the best hutches to live happily and safely. As there is a wide variety regarding rabbit hutches, such as double rabbit hutch for sale, 3 story rabbit hutches, 2 in 1 rabbit hutch, rabbit hutch for 2 rabbits with run, and many others.

Therefore, to simplify your search for extra large rabbit hutch here, we provide you with the top 7 best rabbit hutches for multiple rabbits available in the market. These rabbit hutches and runs will value out your money for sure and keep your pets safe and sound.

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