Best Hands Free Bathroom Faucet – A Touch Less Technology

A hands free bathroom faucet is the latest technology that is equipped with a proximity sensor that detects motion to open the valve and let the water flow. The other names for this hands free faucet commercial are touch less faucet, motion sensing faucet, and hand free or electronic faucets.

The best way to enhance your bathroom decors and appearance are to install hands free sink faucet. Add a touch of class and elegance with motion sensor water faucet to your bathrooms. This is because washing the mess off your hands should not include making chaos of your sink.

The water flows for a few seconds when it detects a hand near about. Some touch free bathroom faucets are battery operated while others are infrared sensors sensitive.  These innovative motion sensor water valve use widely in public washrooms, restaurants, and hotels. However, residential use of motion sensor sink faucet is also increased that results in dropping down of the price.

According to our touchless bathroom faucet reviews, the following are the top 7 hands free bathroom faucet to buy at a reasonable price.

Top 7 Hands Free Bathroom Faucet

Sloan Electronic Faucet (3362119)
Check Price
Charming Water Touchless Sink FaucetCheck Price
Delta Faucet Pull Down Sink FaucetCheck Price
Kohler Sculpted Sink FaucetCheck Price
American Standard Battery Powered FaucetCheck Price
Asani Touchless Bathroom FaucetCheck Price
HHOOMMEE Automatic Bathroom FaucetCheck Price

Sloan Electronic Faucet (3362119)

Sloan Alternative tab

  • The brass material makes it useful for a longer period.
  • It has adjustable infrared sensors.
  • This commercial touchless bathroom faucet has an ADA complaint.
  • It requires a distance of 4 inches between the holes.
  • It is equipped with an aerator spray head.
  • An ideal flow hands free motion sensing faucets

In the list of the hands free bathroom faucet, Sloan Electronic Faucet is at the top. Sloan is a very famous brand for the manufacturing of high quality hands free sink faucet.

This electronic no touch bathroom faucet saves water more than others. This is the best choice, motion sensor faucet bathroom for those who want a stylish looking faucet mixer (Hot & Cold Water). The design is good according to the USA standard for plumbing.

Moreover, it comes up with premium quality brass that also prevents from corrosion for a longer period. It has a solenoid valve and strainer filter, and both are replaceable and serviceable. With the help of adjustable infrared sensors, it is convenient commercial bathroom faucets touchless to set the range.

In addition, it works with 4 AA batteries. The company also provides the complete instructional manual with these motion activated bathroom faucet

Charming Water Touchless Sink Faucet

chariing water auto tab

  • The company provides 1 year warranty.
  • It is the best motion sensor bathroom sink faucet in the market.
  • This automatic shut off bathroom faucets are coated with fine chrome finish.
  • It is easy to install with the help of company provided hardware and manual.
  • The deck plate is detachable.

If you are searching for a hands free bathroom faucet with a chrome finish, then Charming water Touchless Sink Faucet is the best option for you.

Its special curved shaped sprout and T joint fit in almost all types of sinks. The quality of the motion sensor bathroom faucets is so high that it matches the USA standards. The deck plate comes up in a design that covers all the 3 holes. This deck plate also acts as the base for the sprout.

It is completely constructed with stainless steel that makes it resistant to corrosion for a longer period. Other than fine stainless steel, the coating of chrome finish add a visual appeal in the durability of this motion sensing water valve. The chrome finish also makes it resistant to scratches.

Moreover, this flow hands free faucet operates by using 4 AA batteries. These batteries are easy to replace. According to the company, this best touchless bathroom faucet helps in the prevention of cross-contamination. The company also provides the complete instructional manual and all the necessary hardware for quick and easy installation.

Delta Faucet Pull Down Sink Faucet

Delta Faucet

  • These automatic faucets for bathrooms operate manually and by sensors.
  • It is coated with a stainless steel finish.
  • The brass material used in design makes it corrosion free.
  • The flow of water decreases gradually.
  • The fitting of these touchless bathroom sink faucets required an expert person.

Delta Faucet is a very reputable brand for offering quality hands free water faucet that is available at a reasonable price. The unique feature of this commercial motion sensor faucet is that you can control it with the help of sensors and a manual lever. You can touch the handle for ON/OFF quickly to save water. Above all, the sensor range is 4 inches.

The manual handle at the back of the sprout is very attractive. The deck mounted of the automatic faucet sensor circuit is constructed according to the USA plumbing standards. Unlike other auto shut off bathroom faucets, it works with 6 AA batteries. The company also provides an optional AC adopter, which you have to purchase separately.

The company provides a warranty for replacing or repairing the damaged part. It is available in 4 attractive colors.

Kohler Sculpted Sink Faucet

Kohler Sculpted Sink Faucet

  • This touchless faucets for bathrooms have the latest insight on adaptive infrared technology.
  • With the help of 0.5gpm aerator, it saves a penalty of water.
  • This touchless vessel sink faucet has a stylish and single hole design.
  • The company offers 5 years warranty for its touchless faucet temperature control.
  • The electronic components of motion sensor faucets kohler are completely covered so as to protect from water.

Kohler is famous for its very stylish and unique bathroom accessories in different varieties. All the product shows an elegant look at half price as compared to others. If you are searching for an American standard automatic faucets then this is best to buy.

According to the company, it has a single hole that is easy to install by following the USA plumbing standards. All the electronic components of this motion activated sink faucet is fully covered to keep them safe from water.

Moreover, this hands free lavatory faucet is made from brass. It has Insight Adaptive Infrared Technology that senses the environment at the time of installation and prevents false triggering. In addition, these automatic bathroom sink faucets come up with 2 AAA batteries that have an average life of 8763 hours.

Above all, it has temperature control sensors. The company offers 5 years warranty that includes the replacement or repairing of the faulty part.

American Standard Battery Powered Faucet

American Standard Battery Powered Faucet

  • It has a longer period of working battery.
  • This automatic faucets for home have 4 inches centerset.
  • Its installation is motion sensor faucet troubleshooting.
  • Unlike simple alkaline cells, it has a lithium metal battery.
  • The fully covered sensor makes them safe from water.

This is the first hands free bathroom faucet in the list that offers a waterfall sprout. This company is very famous for designing the customer friendly and elegant motion sensor faucet bathroom accessories.

Moreover, this no touch bathroom faucet has a sink, and the countertop has a single hole. The sprout’s extension ensures that the electronic components like the infrared sensor safe from the waterfall. The sensor used is programmable according to your need.

Furthermore, its brass construction ensures no rust and corrosion.  Unlike many other touch free bathroom faucets, it is operated by 1 lithium metal battery. This battery has a lifespan of 35040 hours or 10 years. The additional chrome finish delivers a stylish look to this faucet when installed. Due to electronic proximity operation, this hands free sink faucet is easy to be used anywhere.

In addition, the company provides a 3 years warranty for the product.

Asani Touchless Bathroom Faucet

Asani Touchless Bathroom Faucet

  • Its highly celebrated motion sensors accurately detect the hand and then activate the water.
  • The batteries of this flow hands free motion sensing faucets used work for a longer period.
  • The instructional manual fails to explain the complete procedure.
  • Sometimes water flow stops immediately.
  • The company offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Asani Touchless commercial bathroom faucets touchless are easy to use, either its public washroom or a residence. These are easy to use and made from hygienic material.

You just need to take hands beneath the sprout. As the hand comes in the range of the sensors, water will flow out of the tap. Its tubular design makes it more attractive for modern bathrooms. Due to its single hole, it is easy to utilize.

For avoiding the accumulation of rust and corrosion, the company uses premium quality lead free brass. With the use of the best ceramic cartridge material, this motion sensor water faucet can accommodate up to 0.6 Mpa water pressure.

Moreover, this motion sensor sink faucet operates with 4 AA batteries that run for approximately 2 years. If the batteries stop working, then it also very easy to replace the batteries if you follow the company instructions.

In addition, a new feature of this motion activated bathroom faucet is that its motion sensor is calibrated to the highest degrees. Above all, it will be helpful to prevent the false activation of the water from the motion sensor water valve.

HHOOMMEE Automatic Bathroom Faucet

HHOOMMEE Automatic Bathroom Faucet

  • The lead free material extends the working life of the motion sensor bathroom sink faucet.
  • It has a single hole installation.
  • The sensor used has an average sensitivity.
  • The flow hands free faucet aerator shows maximum lime resistance.
  • It produces very low noise.

In the list of the best hands free bathroom faucet, HHOOMMEE automatic bathroom faucet is very famous because of its stylish and sleek design.

Due to hygienic material used in the construction, it eliminates the bacteria and germs that lead to many severe diseases. Its semi U shape is very attractive and gets fit easily in any sink.  The water flow will immediately stop as the hands come out of the range of the sensor.

According to the company, these automatic faucets for bathrooms utilize 4 AA batteries that provide 7000 operations in a month.


Buying Guide For The Best Hand Free Bathroom Faucet:

Due to great brand competition in the market, people get confused about which brand to choose or what are the highlighted features of the products they notice while buying the best touchless bathroom faucet for the bathroom.

As we are talking about Best hands free bathroom faucet, let’s enlist some top brands offering higher efficiency, sleek design, Sensitive motion sensors, and certified according to the USA plumbing standards.

Top Brands On Amazon Related Bathroom Faucet

HHOOMMEE: Automatic Bathroom FaucetSimilar Images, Stock Photos & Vectors of blog word - 58343365 ...

HHOOMMEE is the top rated brand that provides premium quality and stylish motion sensing water valve. They have an extraordinary design made with hygienic material to make the water free from germs and bacteria. You will really enjoy the performance and effectiveness of these automatic commercial grade bathroom faucets because of its highly sensitive motion sensor.

American Standard: Battery Powered Faucet

American Standard design a special touchless vessel sink faucet available in different models. The best thing about this brand is that it provides the best battery powered touchless faucets for bathrooms at very reasonable prices. One can buy this electronic faucet with temperature control according to the budget and design of the bathroom. In addition, it is also among the top selling brands on Amazon.

Delta Faucet: Pull Down Sink Faucet

If you are searching for a trustable brand with the USA plumbing certifications, then Delta Faucet is the best brand. These hands free bathroom sink faucet has the ability to immediately stop the water as the hands go away from the range of the sensor. In other words, this is the most trustable brand with a good customer feedback.


In conclusion, we advise you to leave old ways of living and adopt the latest technology. Water wastage cannot be tolerated at this time of an hour. Water shortage and hygiene are some other important issues. The best hands free bathroom faucet is quite effective and efficient in terms of their performance.

Moreover, the automatic bathroom sink faucets are a great addition toany modern bathroom as they make your bathroom look more elegant and stylish. All these different bathroom accessories are available in the market, but if you buy online, then you will receive these accessories at your doorstep. According to the market survey and customer’s demand, we have selected the top 7 best hands free bathroom faucet with extensive details that are available at a pocket-friendly price. I hope our touchless bathroom faucet reviews will help you to select the best product according to your needs for your home.


Frequently Asked Questions About Hands Free Bathroom Faucet

According to our hands free bathroom sink faucet reviews, the following are the top 7 best motion activated sink faucet to buy.
1) Sloan Electronic Faucet (3362119)
2) Charming Water Touchless Sink Faucet
3) Delta Pull Down Sink Faucet
4) Kohler Sculpted Sink Faucet
5) American Standard Battery Powered Faucet
An automatic faucet sensor circuit is equipped with a proximity sensor that detects the motion of the hand when it comes closer to the sensor and starts the flow of water in the response.
A touchless tap requires power and an expert to install. The installation process of these touch free bathroom faucets is quite technical and different from the usual one.