How to Properly Take Care of Clothes?

If you are obsessed with clothes we are the same. Whether you are a fashionmonger or avoid investment in new clothes. You probably spend most of your money on clothes. Kids outgrow their clothes pretty quickly but adults can hang on to the same clothes a little longer. 

Nothing lasts forever but they can last longer if you take proper care of them. Taking care of your clothes will help your clothes stay longer; it will make you look good all the time when you wear the same dress and save you from investing money in new clothes.  

It is pointless to have the best and upgraded closet if you are not taking care of your clothes. So, learn how to properly take care of your clothes and learn the cleaning tips to keep your dresses fresh and new. We will let you know the proper methods of cleaning, washing, and drying, and storing your clothes.   

How to Make Your Clothes Look Shiny as New?

I am giving you some tips to make your clothes last longer. It’s important to take good care of your clothes to make them as shiny as new. Make sure to do all the things you need to do to keep your wardrobe neat and clean. Starting with fabric you should get:  

  • Get the Durable Fabric

Try to buy clothes that are naturally durable and don’t need much caution and always prefer quality over quantity. Invest in clothes that have good quality because they last longer, they are constructed with muscular material that has more ability to stand with time.   

  • Save From Them Stains

Always protect your clothes if you want them to be new always. It doesn’t mean that we want you to wear an extra shield over your outfit, just try to protect them from stains and dirt. For instance, if you are wearing formal outfits just always wear an apron over your dress to avoid stains while cooking in the kitchen. If you ever happen to get a stain to try to get rid of it frequently with any method you find easy, because it gets harder to get rid of when time passes.      

  • Wash Less Frequently

Avoid washing your dresses too much because washing them too frequently can be harsh and damaging. For instance, jeans and sweaters don’t need to be washed after every wear. T-shirts and gym wear need to be washed daily because they have closer contact with the body and most likely to absorb dirt and sweat. 

Machine washing after every wear is harsh to dresses and can be damaging. For instance, the dresses with stones and embroidery should be washed too frequently. They can lose their original color, freshness, fall apart, and even can shrink when you put them in a dry machine.            

  • Avoid Too Much Ironing

Be gentle with your clothes; don’t iron them too much, also if it’s needed try to maintain a balanced temperature of heat that you are giving to your precious clothes. You can also steam them by hanging them in the bathroom while taking a hot shower.   

  • Avoid the Dryer

Modern research shows that throwing your clothes into the dryer machine can be damaging.  It can lead them to crack and reduce the fabric’s strength by 25% or more as it causes piling.   

  • Use the Right Detergent

Always use the detergent that promises to make your clothes shiny and soft besides cleaning. There are many detergents out there in the market and online, you can check out another article for this purpose.    

  • Follow the Care Labels

Always follow the guide table that comes with clothes because they are there for a reason and we might be guilty of completely ignoring them. They only suggest the steps that the fabric can bear.   

Clothes Should Be Washed in Hot or Coldwater?

It can be decided by looking at the type of fabric. Most of the clothes can be washed in warm water. It offers good cleaning and prevents color fading. Use cold water for bleed and delicate fabric having dark color to avoid shading and fading. It will be a good choice to make them eco-friendly. Coldwater makes your clothes last longer while hot water causes shrinkage and color fading.  

What Care Routine Do Clothes Need After Wearing?

First of all, find the quality your fabric holds because the different fabric needs different cares. For instance, jeans can be worn six to seven times after a wash while a T-shirt needs to be washed before wearing them every time. But protect them from dirt and stains. Store them in a dry and clean place.

Does Dry Cleaning Clean Better Than Washing?

There is another option of dry-cleaning that you can utilize. It is always best when it comes to removing the stain of grease, petrol, oil, or other different stains. Regular detergents may not always have the ability to get the stains out of it besides cleaning but dry cleaning can be perfect for this purpose. Otherwise, you can use the normal washing method for basic cleaning.        


There is always a proper way to do anything. Little care your clothes need if you want them to be clean, fresh, and shiny as new. Clean clothes define your personality apart from that if you are wearing the same clothes over and over.  We hope the information that we have provided you will be helpful!