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Torch lighters create a precise flame that is hotter and reliable as compared to the ordinary disposable lighter. It is the most loved thing among cigar epicure. These are used for a variety of other tasks. Torch lighters are used by the chefs for making food glazing and searing. These are also very helpful for the artists for jewelry making and getting bubbles out from acrylic poured on canvas. You can take this handy item for hiking, camping, or anywhere you need a consistent flame. 

The best cigar torch lighters are able to produce a strong flame that is not only windproof but also does not add taste to the cigar as you draw in the first couple of puffs. We did the hard work for you and reviewed the best cigar torch lighters in order to ensure that you did not end up buying a torch lighter that is designed to break after a few months of regular use.

Not only do we review the most reliable torch lighters but also provide you some key features you should look for while purchasing the best cigar lighter for the money along with answering a few questions men have while looking for their next cigar lighter. So without wasting time let’s start;

What Is a Torch Lighter?

If you have never used a torch lighter to light your cigar then you should definitely try this in a different setting. They are ideal for a cigar because they burn hot, as a strong flame that is wind resistant will light your cigar quickly. It produces a needle-like flame that is well known for much hotter flames.

Using a torch lighter is reliable because it uses butane fuel. Butane has the ability to reach 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, and you will know you are using butane when you see a blue flame. With butane lighter for cigars, you won’t feel the effect of fuels as the other lighter fuels do. You can also use the most reliable torch lighters for numerous applications like baking, cooking, pipes, and many more. Many offer an adjustable short or long flame length.

Types of Torch Lighters With Features

The most reliable torch lighters are divided into following depending upon the features it offers. These areas follow;


  • Handheld Torch Lighter

A handheld torch lighter is able to fit in the palm of your hand and allows easy to carry around and use for many outdoor activities such as lightening a cigar, pipe, or dabbing.

  • Electric Torch Lighter

An electric torch lighter is safer and fuel-free. It is a plasma lighter that uses technology to eliminate harmful chemical use that benefits the environment and the users. 

  • Portable Torch Lighter

With its light and sleek design, it is easy to hold. You can use it for a wide range of tasks such as DIY upon the features, projects, and crafts. 

  • Waterproof Torch Lighter

Best for preparedness and survival. With this waterproof torch lighter it can withstand humid, moist, and wet surroundings. It is best to check the label to see how much it can tolerate first before buying. 

  • USB Torch Lighter

Commonly a rechargeable plasma lighter using a Li-ion battery rather than the fuel. In most cases, it can work for three hours or four boxes of cigarettes after a full charge.

Types Depending Upon the Flame

jet flame torch lighters offer users pinpoint accuracy and a very hot flame. It is perfect for torching up or lightening a cigar. You can also use the most reliable torch lighter for outdoor activities, such as finishing, hunting, and campaign. There are the following types of a torch lighter depending upon flame;


  • Single Flame Torch Lighter

It is ideal for basic uses and tasks. You can use this lighter for its hot flame.

  • Dual Flame Torch Lighter

It emits double flame and burns quickly that offers a powerful flame and usually comes in a compact case. If you are looking for a quicker light, you should check this dual flame torch lighter.

  • Triple-flame Torch Lighters

It produces three times the flame as compared to other types. It is ideal for building a campfire, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

  • Quad-flame Torch Lighter

These lighter heat vaporizers with-in five seconds. It is one of the most powerful lighters to choose from if you want four times the jet flame for your lighter.

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Honest Quad Torch Lighter Tabletop
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  1. LcFun Torch Cigar Lighter 2 Pack Triple Jet Flame



Highlighted features
  • These are the refillable butane torch lighters, after you fill the lighter cannot be ignited, maintained, or big, but be careful to adjust the flame regulator at the bottom.
  • It is a triple flame cigar lighter that is powerful with adjustable jet flame, fashion color so the most reliable torch lighter.
  • These triple-flame torch lighters are not just for lightening cigars but also suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping trips, or parks.
  • You can lighten any circular cigar easily with this triple-flame cigar lighter without any issue and works well even in windy conditions.
  • LuFan triple torch butane lighter offers a 60-day warranty. If there is any problem then you are free to contact the service team.

LuFan triple jet torch lighter has an excellent material that is durable and utmost dependable. It is made up of the best suitable metal material that is sturdy and lighter to lighten up your camp. The design of this three flame torch lighter is very sleek and stylish that makes it easy for professionals. It is easily refillable and simply clicks to ignite function. Due to the airmail regulation, this device is empty so do not forget to fill fuel before the actual lighting.

As the name suggests it comes with three torches with quite powerful lightning power for your use. You can use this triple-flame cigar lighter to make a sufficient amount of burning with just a trigger of the ignition. It is convenient to use while using these refillable butane torch lighters; you can refill easily on your own without any guidelines.

2.  Honest Quad Torch Lighter Tabletop


Highlighted features
  • Honest Quad torch large tabletop cigar lighters are made up of high-quality Zinc alloy with rosewood grain for an elegant appearance.
  • With the powerful quad red flame torch lighter, it offers an adjustable controller on the bottom.
  • It is a refillable butane cigarette lighter for prolonged use.
  • It comes with an exquisite gift box perfect for gifting purposes.

With the elegant design and superior quality the Honest Quad torch large tabletop cigar lighters one of the best torch lighter for cigars on our list. The high-quality zinc alloy produces a clean, red flame that is adjustable according to the need using the switch on the bottom. This butane jet torch lighter is a perfect gift that will make someone’s day.

Due to air mail regulation, all lighters are empty fill before the actual lighting so we highly recommended you to refill the lighter with quality butane gas to get high performance. This most reliable torch lighter is a great addition to your patio or deck.

3. Scorch Triple Jet Flame Butane Torch


Highlighted features
  • scorch torch triple jet flame Size: 0.95″ x 0.75″ x 3.15″ – Weight: 4 oz w/ Pouch
  • It is safe and easy to use due to its adjustable flame control. It has an automatic cap opening when switched on.
  • scorch torch butane refill comes with a free torch velvet gift pouch with 1 year Hassle-free manufactures warranty.

scorch torch triple jet flame is a premium quality torch lighter with excellent features. Its adjustable flame control that ensures you get the right length. The three jet flame torch lighter helps you in boosting the pressure as you use it and also for added convenience. With its built-in lid mirror with a top cover enhances its overall beauty. Additionally, the durable spring makes this butane torch cigar lighter makes its trigger easy to use with easy texture boasts handling. The maintenance becomes easy with scorch torch instructions. You can rely on the scorch torch butane refill for lightening a cigar even in the strong winds. scorch torch reviews reveal that it is easy to refill and also be used at homes for quickly heating things.

4. Alec Bradley – Table Cigar Lighter for Tobacco Users

Highlighted features
  • Alec Bradley is the best jet flame lighter with the push button.
  • It is a wind-resistant lighter that comes in a sleek chrome finish.
  • This butane lighter has enough fuel tank to lighten up to 1000 cigars before refills.

For the cigar aficionado or those guys who want to make an impression, the Alec Bardely tabletop cigar is a true statement piece. A 1.4oz fuel tank is large enough to lighten 1000 cigars. The speedy and in any event, lighting considers an even smoke. A movable handle, chrome underbody, smooth plan, and makes this windproof tabletop light fire lighter, truly outstanding available at the present time.

This tabletop 3 flame torch lighter will make the perp slide along easily and make lightening and smoking convenient. It is a tabletop that comes right at the bottom of our price range and if you won’t travel with it then this is the most reliable torch lighter for home use.

5. Eagle Jet Flame Butane Torch Lighter 


Highlighted features
  • Eagle torch jet lighter is light and portable.
  • It is easy to refill with universal butane.
  • Offers an accurate burning angle of 45 degrees.
  • best single flame torch lighter
  • It is a butane jet torch lighter with a controllable flame size.

Eagle torch jet lighter is a product from the well-known eagle brand which best cigar torch lighters and committed quality and performance. These are top-rated cigar lighters from top lighters brands. With the pack of twenty eagles, high-end torch lighters come with free Colibri butane so you can save money while ensuring the long-lasting jet flame torch lighter for daily use.

These cool torch lighters offer perfect burning because of its 45 degrees angle flame. best single jet torch lighter so you can rely on its performance without any doubt. The cap is attached to every lighter to ensure the safety of the users and prevention from accidents. Eagle torch jet lighter is a portable torch lighter so you can carry it anywhere due to its convenient fit ability in the pocket. It is the best single flame torch lighter but you must avoid adjusting it while the lighter is on.

6. Zico T-38 Refillable ButaneTorch 


Highlighted features
  • Zico torch lighter refill is a compact torch lighter with a solid design
  • It offers a powerful flame
  • portable torch lighter with single-handed operation
  • best mini torch lighter
  • You can use this Zico lighter refill to perform a wide range of tasks.
  • cheap cigar torch lighters

The Zico torch lighter refill is an ideal product for performing a wide range of outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and campaign. With its convenient and easy-to-use features, you can use Zico T-38 handheld torch lighter easily. The handle is made up of plastic making it lighter to use and allows you to bring it anywhere due to its small size. You can also refill this most reliable torch lighter easily because of its small size. With its powerful blue flame, you can easily lighten up your cigars. So if you are looking for an adorable, durable and affordable torch lighter then Zico is the best lighters in the world.

7. Ronson Jetlite Butane Torch Lighter


Highlighted features
  • Ronson butane jet torch lighter is easy to carry and lightweight.
  • It has an elegant and classic design.
  • These cigar torch lighters with a punch have an adjustable jet flame.
  • Solid and durable body
  • Ronson high-end torch lighters offer windproof flame.

The Ronson butane jet torch lighter is the most reliable torch lighter because of its compact size. With its small size, you can use this for different uses including camping, hunting, and fishing. It is ideal for other outdoor activities and survival situations.  This butane lighter for cigars offers childproof so children won’t be able to open it easily. You can easily refill with butane fuel and offer windproof flame that you can adjust according to your need.

With the one-year warranty feature, you will love this blow torch cigar lighter. If you have any issue with this Ronson dual flame torch lighter you can ask for assistance from the manufacturers. Overall this is the best pocket torch lighter for reliable and durable torch lighter for a wide range of tasks.

8. Techno Butane Refillable Triple Torch Jet Flame 


Highlighted features
  • techno torch lighter is made up of high-quality materials for leak-proof and long-lasting use.
  • It is refillable butane torch lighters just simply click to ignite function it is easy to use.
  • Due to the airmail regulation techno torch lighter is empty so please fill fuel before actual lightning.
  • expensive torch lighters
  • Powerful triple torch with wind-resistant flames.
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty for any type of use.
  • You can use this three flame torch lighter for cigars, culinary use, activities such as camping, finishing, hunting, and so on.

Techno jet flame torch lighter is a windproof lighter that lights even in windy settings. It is a premium quality lighter made up of solid and compact build for durable design with excellent design. It is safe and easy to use for numerous activities and tasks. Users will appreciate the simplicity and ease of refilling feature. In addition to these, the flame is also adjustable providing the users the appropriate flame height for their needs.

It is the best cigarette lighter flashlight that is water-resistant and because of its triple jet flame, it delivers a strong and stable flame. This is versatile for a wide range of purposes including culinary use and lightening cigarettes. Its durable scratch-proof coated metal surface makes it durable and convenient to use.

Buying Guide for the Most Reliable Torch Lighter

Flame Type

Flame type is a significant thought when you’re searching for the best cigarette lighter flashlight. Lighting a cigar satisfactorily isn’t equivalent to lighting a cigarette. The best butane cigar lighter will offer a steady, powerful jet of heat, as compared to a normal lighter, for example, a BIC, which delivers a jumpy flame. The jet flame of a butane lighter is important when appropriately toasting the end of a cigar. You can, nonetheless, have a touch of variety between single or multiple flame lighters.

Flame Adjustment Feature

Flame adjustment is a must-have feature while looking for the best lighters for cigars. This feature provides safety and control and allows you to direct the fore at the last tip of the cigar in question comfortably. Remember the adjustment of the wheel of a cigar is found on the bottom of the lighter.

Size and Weight

You should think for the purpose of the torch lighter because size and weight is a critical area. Portable torch lighters allow you to smoke anywhere without much effort while the tabletop torch lighters are a bit heavy and rarely portable.

Water Resistance

Most torch lighters become useless when they get wet, thus, a waterproof lighter ought to be an ideal choice, particularly in case you’re a survivalist. 

We’re not really referring to a lighter that will work in any event, when submerged in water, but instead, one that will still work in any event, when it gets into contact with dampness or a light shower.


when you need to purchase a lighter, you should read the manual carefully to see the refiling system since ease of refiling is a definitive factor for the ideal torch lighter. On my rundown, the most quality lighter should have a safe refilling system, yet you need to ensure it prior to buying one.


Design matters a lot as well. You need your torchlight to be comfortable, with an excellent grasp, to feel great and safe when utilizing it. if you are not satisfied, at that point you will wind up scorn utilizing the lighter with one hand for instance.


The cost differs uncontrollably on use. You can get a modest, portable torch lighter for under $20. Tabletop lighters can go as high as $80-$100



I reviewed the best cigar torch lighters in the market and believed that you can pick the best jet flame lighter from my list without any difficulty. My guideline also suggests you and helps you to decide the best according to your needs.

Without any doubt, all the features that I will show up with will help you a lot in finding the most reliable torch lighter. So do not overthink this article will favor you and if you can choose the best multi-purpose lighter then you are able to live a pleasant and stylish life as well. I would appreciate knowing which butane torch cigar lighter you choose. So drop me a line below. Thank you!