7 Best Non-Bluetooth Fitness Trackers on the Market in 2021

Fitness plays an important role in our lives, and everyone tries to achieve his or her fitness goals. There are many ways through which fitness is achieved. For this purpose, people are always in search of fitness-related products. In this condition, a modern fitness activity tracker is undoubtedly a smart investment if you are willing to track your fitness journey and ultimately achieve your goals. Most fitness trackers we see nowadays are completely Bluetooth technology for normal use. But these produce harmful electromagnetic radiations which are detrimental to our bodies. Thankfully there are also some best non-Bluetooth fitness trackers that do not use smartphones or computers for their proper functioning. Some models come with the Bluetooth sensor; it can be completely disabled completely when you don’t need it.

In this post, we will discuss the modern fitness activity tracker review. If you have no clues about the non-Bluetooth fitness tracker, then do not worry. I have created this informative guide to help you to make decisions and get more about the non-Bluetooth fitness tracker. I will also write a short but detailed note on the modern fitness activity tracker review of each fitness tracker, reasons why you should buy, and even reasons why you should consider it. So Without wasting time, let’s start by just talking about the best nonbluetooth fitness trackers on the market in late 2020.

What is a non-Bluetooth fitness tracker?

Non-Bluetooth fitness trackers are fitness wearable devices that do not need to connect to smartphones or tablets for their proper functioning because they do not have Bluetooth features. Besides this, they do not need any specific application either, and also, you do not have to synchronize any data into your phone. Due to the lack of Bluetooth connectivity features, they are more affordable.

These non-Bluetooth pedometer watches can help you to maintain your shape and achieve your fitness goals. The only difference is that they do not pair any device; in fact, it is a pedometer watch without Bluetooth feature.

Advantages of using a non-Bluetooth fitness tracker

Using a non-Bluetooth fitness tracker does not require any smartphone but can benefit you in many ways like other modern fitness activity trackers. They are easy to use and straightforward, and you can also use it for tracking your progress report on the screen. You will be surprised by knowing how it transforms your life, so it is a great gadget for everyone. Here are some benefits of using non-Bluetooth fitness trackers;

There is no need for smart devices.

You will feel free when you wear a non-Bluetooth fitness tracker because it helps you focus on the workout without diverting. It is the best way to stay away from your phone and also allows you to stay more active. Many people usually prefer to use non-Bluetooth fitness trackers because many trackers with the Bluetooth connectivity feature do not work properly if the pairing device is not close enough.

Help to increase motivation.

Many modern fitness activity tracker manuals just keep counting your steps or monitor your all-day activity. However, they still help you to feel inspired and engaged in your physical activity. These trackers measure your steps, exercise time, walking distance, or calories to provide you an idea of how much work out you have done.

Does not give radiations

The best feature of these non-Bluetooth fitness trackers is that they do not give any kind of electromagnetic radiation. So if you are concerned with these radiations, then it is the best option for you.

Easily setting feature

It does not require any kind of smart device for connectivity or also does not deal with any application setting, which can be tedious for you. 


As compared to the Bluetooth fitness tracker bracelet, the non-Bluetooth fitness tracker is cheap. So if you need a basic fitness tracker with no sophisticated features, then the non-Bluetooth fitness trackers are the best for you.

Best Non-Bluetooth Fitness Trackers in 2021

Fitbit Versa 3
Check Price
Garmin 010-01689-00 Forerunner 35Check Price
Garmin vivosmart 4, Activity and Fitness TrackerCheck Price
feifuns Smart WatchCheck Price
mijiaowatch Non-Bluetooth Pedometer WatchCheck Price
Samsung Gear Fit2 ProCheck Price
OZO Fitness SC2 Digital PedometerCheck Price

People may wonder, can a non-Bluetooth pedometer watch help them to reach their fitness goals? What about the features, progress report pros and cons, and also which non-Bluetooth fitness tracker is best? If you have the same queries, then you are at the right place.

Below is a list of my top picks on the best non-Bluetooth fitness trackers that do not require any Bluetooth in 2020. As I mentioned, there are modern fitness activity trackers with either be trackers that do not come with Bluetooth at all or trackers you can use without enabling Bluetooth connectivity, which comes by default on them. They allow you to get accurate fitness tracking features like monitoring your steps, calories burned, heart rate, etc. However, don’t constantly emit radiation to stay synced with your smartphone like a Fitbit with Fitbit turn off Bluetooth. According to your need, we share some useful tips to help you find out the best non-Bluetooth fitness tracker. So let’s start;

1. Fitbit Versa 3


The Fitbit versa 3 is a beautiful wearable with a fitness tracker that turns off the Bluetooth feature. It offers modern fitness activity tracker features with the exception of stress management and advanced heart monitoring. The built-in GPS and a large 1.58-inch AMOLED display, and a SpO2 sensor make it more attractive and popular among people.

The Fitbit battery life is about six days on a dim screen setting but drops the display set to always on. The heart rate monitor is now a bit more precise than the versa2, but without a chest strap to compare, so it is hard to judge exactly how accurate it is. It is a pedometer watch waterproof means The versa 3 is water-resistant to 50m/164ft means you can wear it in the shower or swim with it on your wrist. It can be used in saltwater, although Fitbit recommends you not wear it in a hot tub. The GPS system leads you to leave your phone at home because it can constantly monitor the distance and tempo when you are running, cycling, and walking. There are 20+ exercises you can choose for your workout and let the watch automatically recognize and record your training. It is also best for women to monitor the cycle on the track and manage the stress level. It monitors the stress level for the stress level and gives you useful exercises and activities according to the mood. Pulse is important for health; the Fitbit versus three also comes with pulse monitoring and informs you when there is a sudden fall in the pulse rate. 

It comes with a Bluetooth feature but comes with the Fitbit turn off BlueTooth option. This means by using Fitbit turn off the BlueTooth option. You can disable it when you are not using it. Although it is a non-Bluetooth fitness tracker, It is important to note that when this GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi system is turned off, then you might miss important notifications. It stores data for seven days, but it is important to sync your device once a day to get important messages.


  • It has a beautiful, attractive display.
  • Built-in GPS
  • Lightweight and very comfortable


  • No online Spotify support
  • Poorly designed side button
  • It requires a Fitbit premium subscription to unlock advanced features.

2. Garmin 010-01689-00 Forerunner 35


The Garmin forerunner 35 is an impressive modern fitness activity tracker from Garmin that comes with a Bluetooth connection. Still, you are able to disable this feature when you do not need it. So you can say that it is a non-Bluetooth fitness tracker. Although it is an older model but still a great value in its price even in 2020. This fitness tracker turns off Bluetooth device offers great features, as we see on the modern fitness activity tracker review.

Garmin forerunner offers features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, burned calories, and GPS activity tracker. It is also the best step counter, so alternatively, a wristwatch with a pedometer. Although it comes with Bluetooth connectivity, you are able to turn it off when you do not need it. But it is important to note that when you completely disable this function from your modern fitness activity tracker, then you are not able to sync your fitness data with your phone or use other features like music playback control, smart notifications, and many on the watch. 

Overall the Garmin forerunner 35 is a simple and lightweight smartwatch that gets their task most of the time with or without a BlueTooth connection. However, it is not stylish and attractive like other modern fitness activity tracker but does its job perfectly. If you are looking for a fitness tracker to turn off BlueTooth, then you should consider it. 


  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • non-Bluetooth fitness tracker but also offers connectivity for sync data


  • Non-cloured display

3. Garmin vivosmart 4, Activity and Fitness Tracker


Garmin vivosmart 4 is an awesome non-Bluetooth fitness tracker bracelet. Although it comes with BlueTooth connectivity, which can be disabled if you are not interested in using it. The best part is that it does not need a BlueTooth connection for proper functioning.

It is a modern fitness activity tracker. For its price, you will get almost all the features available on the contemporary fitness activity tracker manual, including the ability to sync your fitness data with the Garmin Connect app. Garmin vivosmart offers many features such as sleep monitoring with REM sleep, blood oxygen saturation level, Vo2 Max monitor, and many more. It also includes a dedicated activity tracker for specific sports or exercises like running, swimming, yoga, and many more.

As I mentioned earlier that Garmin vivosmart 4 is a BlueTooth fitness tracker bracelet, and it can be completely disabled if you don’t need it. To disable the BlueTooth, you have to do is connect the tracker to your smartphone with the app, then navigate to settings>bluetooth>status>off on the app to turn off the BlueTooth completely. But it is important to note that when you turn off the BlueTooth, the fitness tracker won’t be able to sync your fitness data with your phone, and your data is deleted in 2 weeks if incensed. I recommend enabling BlueTooth at least once per day to ensure your fitness routine and progress.


  • Does not require Bluetooth connective to work
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Impressive seven-day battery life
  • Multiple watch band options
  • Durable 
  • pedometer watch waterproof


  • Cannot hold fitness data if left more than two weeks
  • Difficult to pair with other devices
  • Do not have variety and color options
  • Lack of general functionality and features

4. feifuns Smart Watch


The feifuns is a wristwatch with a pedometer with a fitness tracker. Turn off the BlueTooth feature and works best-expected price. feifuns fitness tracker watch is an all-around fitness-focused watch with many fitness tracking features. It is also considered the best wrist pedometers for kids. Some of these features include the all-day heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, step counter, calories burned calculations, and many more. feifuns fitness tracker watch does not require any kind of connectivity to complete these functions. It isn’t a completely non-Bluetooth fitness tracker because it uses the BlueTooth connectivity feature to sync data with a phone and do other things like notifications. But you can disable it completely when you don’t need it. It is completely a waterproof and dustproof device so perfect for daily life because it works best wherever you go like washing your hands, walking in the rain, etc.

A feifuns fitness tracker watch is equipped with a large battery of 200Ma, just 1to 2 hours changing enables it to work for ten days; it means you play more and charge less. Overall the feifuns fitness tracker watch is an impressive modern fitness activity tracker. It works just fine, and the best feature is that it does not need any BlueTooth connection for its effective functioning. You can also use your fitness stats directly on the watch without connecting it with your smartphone because of its willful fitness tracker manual.


  • Does not require Bluetooth for connection for work
  • feifuns fitness tracker watch has a bright display
  • Longer battery time
  • Stylish and attractive design


  • Not so best for the fitness tracking data

5. mijiaowatch Non-Bluetooth Pedometer Watch


Mijiaowatch is a pedometer watch for kids but also great for the adults. If you search for a lightweight, affordable non-Bluetooth fitness tracker that can be used without any smart device, check out this modern fitness activity tracker. The Mijiaowatch non-Bluetooth pedometer watch comes with essential fitness tracking features expected for the best tracker of its price range. As it is a wristwatch with a pedometer so you can monitor your fitness activities like heart rate, blood pressure, steps taken, no calories burned, distance traveled, and many more. Its PC material case and stainless steel case enables the watch to be tough and durable. Due to the high-quality straps and spray handle oil, the belt is soft and comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

It is a completely non-Bluetooth fitness tracker that means that it does not come with an in-built Bluetooth sensor, so it does not use any BlueTooth connection for anything. So if you are searching for a fitness tracker that does not use BlueTooth or any smartphone application for their effective workout, you should consider this device.

Overall, the Mijiaowatch non-BlueTooth pedometer does its job quite well as I would expect for its price. It’s a targeted best pedometer watch for kids but also best for adults, so if you are searching for a wrist pedometer for kids, then it is the best pedometer for kids.


  • The Mijiaowatch non-Bluetooth pedometer watch is very light in weight.
  • It is a completely non-Bluetooth fitness tracker.
  • The Mijiaowatch non-Bluetooth pedometer watch is easy to set up and use.
  • It is one of the best pedometers for kids
  • accurate fitness tracking data
  • 12-month warranty


  • Step counter does not work when stationary
  • It is fragile.

6. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro


It is a modern fitness activity tracker from Samsung, and like other fitness trackers in this list, it is also a non-Bluetooth fitness tracker means it does not require Bluetooth for its proper functioning. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is actually a standalone fitness tracker as it comes with features like heart rate monitoring, tracking burned calories, activity tracking, and many more. It is a water resistance pedometer, which means you can take your swimming time too and wash your hands without any issue. 

Besides fitness tracker, it comes with other interesting features like music playback, dust or scratch resistance, and enhanced fitness tracking via third party apps such as MyFitnessPal and many others. You can also disable the BlueTooth connectivity feature on the Samsung Gear Fit2 pro if you don’t need or use it. To enable this feature from your fitness tracker, watch by tap the power button on the tracker, then so to the settings> connections> bluetooth> status> off to disable the BlueTooth feature completely. But it is important to keep in mind that when you turn off the BlueTooth function, you cannot sync your fitness data with your smartphone or use third parties that require the tracker to be connected with your smartphone. It is strongly recommended that you connect your fitness tracker to your smartphone via BlueTooth at least once a day to make sure that you don’t lose any of your fitness data. It has a 200mAh Li-ion, a good battery time that you can use up to 3 days, or in case of low usage. You can use it for up to 5 days. 


  • Attractive design
  • Does not need any BlueTooth connection to monitor fitness activities
  • Has accurate fitness tracking data
  • Able to connect with iSO or android easily.
  • It comes with a touch screen feature.


  • Fitness data is lost when it is left unsynced for long.
  • Shorter battery span

7. OZO Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer


OZO fitness pedometer is a completely non-Bluetooth fitness tracker and one of the best wrist pedometers for kids. That means it does not contain any kind of BlueTooth connectivity at all. It is a kind of pedometer that does not come with features like heart monitoring and sleep tracking, but it can do the job of counting feet very well. If it is what you are looking for, then this product is for you and your kids. It is a handheld device, so you can hold it in your hand or clip it to your ankle while walking or running. So it is a willful fitness tracker manual.

OZO fitness does not require any kind of BlueTooth connectivity or any app for the storage of your fitness report. It comes with the feature of storing data, but it remembers this data is stored only for seven days. Overall it is the best product for its price. If you search for a pedometer without any connectivity function like BlueTooth or Wi-Fi, you should consider this non-Bluetooth pedometer watch.


  • Does not require any kind of connectivity function for its proper functioning
  • Best for accurate step counting
  • It comes with a large display.
  • Best pedometer for kids
  • It is lightweight, so it is portable.


  • It is only able to hold tracking data for seven days.