How Do I Travel With My Pet In Car And Plane?

Having a pet traveling can be the best company to have. Now it’s your responsibility to keep them safe. But you might find it a little bit difficult, no worries because this article will help you with the question how do I travel with my pet?

While making the decision of traveling and taking the pet with you, choose what is comfiest and safest according to your pet. For instance, they might be happier at home rather than on a trip or in a crowded place like cats they are always better off at home while traveling.   

Tips For Travelling With Pets

  • See if your pet is ok with traveling

The first thing you are going to ask yourself is that do your pets really want to go on the trip? Yes! Studies show that a pet might be terrified of going to crowded places while you were thinking that he/she will be fine. Traveling will be an exposure to new people and places so keep in mind the personality of your pet then decide. Also, consult with the DR if your pet is not feeling well.      

  • Book the hotel in advance and confirm

Book the hotel even before the trip and confirm the booking in advance. Sometimes hotels don’t have a pet-friendly room so hunt for a room that is pet friendly to make your pet feel comfortable. 

  • Bring Pet ID

The most important step is to tie a pet ID with your pet’s name and your contact number on it. Some microchips are injected into your cat or dog’s skin, to make it easy to reunite them with the owners.  

  • Get a pet carrier 

Traveling with your pets can be full of risks and troubles. So always carry your cat or dog in the carriers specially designed for them. This makes your travel a lot more easy and carefree. These carry as available in the markets and online, you can check our other detailed article for this purpose.  

  • Accommodate your pet to the carrier

When you got your carrier to try to make your cat or dog habituate on it. So that it would not hesitate and feel comfortable with going inside the carrier.    

  • Take medical records

Collect all the medical records and take them with you if you are going on a long trip. In the case of any misfortune happening or your pet gets ill, you will have the records which make it easy to treat for any doctor. 

  • Stay on the schedule

Feed your pet at the right time. Make the schedule and do not overfeed them. give them a light meal before the trip to avoid nausea.  

Safest Way For Dog Or Cat To Ride In Car

If you are traveling in a car with a cat or dog this can be even more challenging. The safest way for your pet in the car can be a crate. Use dog restrains or seat belts to prevent your dog or cat from roaming around the car. Cats belong to carriers, keep them inside the carriers for the safe drive. Keep the heads of your pets inside the car not be floating with the air outside the car, this can prove very dangerous.    

Do not ever leave your pet on the front seat because this is meant for humans. If the airbag extends while the pet is on the front seat, this might injure your pet rather than saving them. Do not leave your pet alone inside the car and try to bring any human buddy with you to the trip who is familiar with your pet as well.        

What To Give A Dog Or Cat For Road Trip?

While you are traveling with your dog or cat it’s important to pack all the essential things for them. Keep your pet’s food, water, and health records with you and tie a collar with a tag of his or her name and your contact number on it. Never forget to keep pee pot and poop bags with you because you don’t know when it’s needed, also bring toys for them to play with. 

 Now I am going to list a few essential things for your pet. 

Bowls for food and water:  Do not forget to take pots for food and water. They are available in various types and fashion, choose one according to your pet.  

Pet food: Always carry pet food with you wherever you go whether on a long trip or not. Give food to the pet according to its schedule because you don’t want them to be hungry and frustrated.    

Water: Carry a water bottle with you, one for you and one for your pet, it’s risky to travel without water.   

Pet’s first aid box:  You never know what’s going to happen next so always carry a safety box with you. Instead of rushing to the doctor for minor damage, cure it yourself. 

Toys: It’s important to make them feel like home. carry their favourite toys so they don’t get bored and anxious. 

Pee and poop bags: The other essential thing to carry is a pee and poop bag. These are perfect during the trip on the car or in the plane.    

heated water bowl: This heated water bowl is used to feed as a platform to feed the pets. These heated bowls provide heat to the water or food, the principle contrast between a regular and heated bowl is electric power. This can be a perfect thing on the trip.     

Carrier: You can take your pet freely in the car or in the plane. Carrying them in the carrier can make a lot more easy to travel.    

ID with tags: ID tags in there neck is requisite with her/his name and your contact number. It helps the pet meet his/her owner easily.    

Is Flying A Dog Or Cat Safe?

If you are flying with your pet it can be a little bit costly and difficult but flying your pet through cargo is always not a good idea. It’s better to fly with your pet in a plane’s cabin. They at least have you to take care of them and you can provide them all the staff they need on time.  

Moreover, flight through-plane can be disturbing to them. They can be at risk of stress, temperature, fluctuation, and change in the air pressure. So, always make sure that your pet is comfortable and healthy enough to travel.      


Traveling with pets means extra care and concern. Always take care of the things we have mentioned above, we promise it will make your travel easy and carefree. Then you both will be able to enjoy each other’s companionship comfortably. Do let us know if you liked the information given above or was it helpful for you.